A Circle Surrogate Story – Yaz’s Journey

This post is republished with permission from Yaz’s blog Mrs Surrogate Love. Yaz, a Circle Surrogate, started this blog to document her surrogacy journey.

In this post, she shares how she got started with surrogacy, and why she chose Circle as her agency.

Surprise!!  For the past 5 months I have been working with an agency to become a surrogate mother. After months of medical screenings, lots of research, psych evaluations, doctors appointments, social worker conference calls and google. I was confirmed qualified to become a surrogate. Google didn’t help me become qualified. It only helped me become more familiar with facts and myths. It also helped me become aware of some normal questions people (some not so normal) have about surrogacy and how to answer them. My life instantly changed since that moment I found out I was confirmed qualified. From the first day I filled out that application to this moment that I am writing about it, my emotional self is holding on for the ride. What a journey thus far. Blessed and humbled. I don’t know anyone who is or has been a surrogate. But now you will.  I’m so honored to be on this journey.

As part of the process you must know for privacy reasons I cannot mention names. But the stories I will share will be enough to warm your heart, I’m sure of it.

There are two different kinds of surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. I am a gestational surrogate. With gestational surrogacy I will not have any genetic connections to this child. I simply am utilizing my baby holder to grow this baby for an amazing family. The traditional surrogate mother is the baby’s biological mother because it’s her egg that was fertilized by the intended father’s sperm. I’ve read that most of the surrogates used in the US are gestational surrogates. There are many factors that go along with achieving the pregnancy via a surrogate. IVF medications, birth control, ultrasounds etc. I am still learning everyday about the process. I’ll keep you posted when the time comes to starts meds etc.

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