A Circle Surrogate Story: Sarah – Part 1

circle surrogate mother sarah harris

All posts are republished with permission from Sarah’s blog Oven Rental: Life as a Surrogate. Sarah is currently on her third journey. This story recounts the successful match, transfer, pregnancy and birth through surrogacy. For context, this story refers to a previous match with a couple who did not ultimately pursue surrogacy.

September 30th, 2013

New Match Update


Hi everyone!

For those of you wondering about the intended parents that I was matched with, they have decided to go the adoption route since getting an egg donor is not compatible with their culture. I am excited for them to proceed with this new process and hope that they become parents soon! They are such a sweet couple and any child would be lucky to have them.

Circle Surrogacy, the agency I’ve been working with, told me that while this situation does not happen very often, sometimes the couples will choose the egg donor route. This left me without intended parents, but still with the want to become a gestational carrier for a family that is looking to complete their family.

After a couple of weeks and some updating of my profile, I have been matched with another couple! This process will be different than the last one, since they are an international couple and live in France! They are a very sweet couple and while they are older, they have so much love to give to their future baby! Their IVF clinic they have chosen to work with is in Connecticut, so I will not be traveling to Boston anymore, but will be traveling to Connecticut for an embryo transfer.

I won’t go into too much detail about the couple since I am legally bound to some things but I can say that they have tried for several years now to become parents on their own, but after finding out that there was a problem with the intended mother’s uterus being T-shaped, she is not able to conceive nor carry a baby full term. In France, around the time the intended mother was conceived, her mother was given a drug that was used to prevent miscarriage. What they didn’t know and what they would find out 20 years later is that the drug also caused birth defects in those babies that resulted in the T-shaped uterus for the intended mother. It’s so sad and I’m sure very frustrating for this couple who want a child so desperately, to know that they have absolutely no control over what their circumstance is!

There is a contract being drafted now, and I will get a lawyer appointed to me to speak on my behalf as we negotiate the terms of the contract and then we proceed with the medical screening and the transfer! I am hoping that we will have the embryo transfer done by the end of the year, hopefully close to Thanksgiving! Gestational Carriers or Surrogates are illegal in France and so that is why they have hired an agency in the U.S. for a surrogate. There is also an age limit for adoptions in France so that is out for them as well!

Prayers and well wishes would be appreciated! More updates coming soon! 🙂