10 Ways to Know if You’re Ready to Become a Surrogate

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Think 2021 is the year you apply to become a surrogate? Maybe you saw an ad in your social feed about a surrogate mother in New York or the San Francisco Bay Area. Or you follow the family adventures of Kim K, Gabrielle Union, Andy Cohen, or Anderson Cooper? Or perhaps you have a friend who is a gestational carrier. No matter how you’ve come to know surrogacy, maybe you’ve started thinking, “I think I’d make a really good surrogate.” 

Women who apply to become surrogates do so because they:

  • Have a close friend or family member who has struggled with infertility
  • Enjoy being pregnant, but they are finished growing their own families
  • Want to be part of something bigger than they are
  • Are ready to change someone’s life for the better

Thinking about surrogacy is one thing, but how do you know if you’re ready to apply to become a surrogate?

When you apply to become a surrogate you are making a big commitment – to yourself, to your surrogacy agency, and to your future intended parents. It’s important to research surrogacy thoroughly, understand what you’re looking for in an agency, and read other surrogates’ testimonials and recommendations.

Here are 10 ways to know if you’re ready to become a surrogate:

1. You’re comfortable sharing details about your personal life and medical history.

As a surrogate, you’ll be required to fill out a detailed application, answering many questions about your pregnancy and medical history, sexual health, and financial status.

2. You are comfortable with self-administering injections.

You’ll be required to handle daily injections, administered either by you or a partner or friend. The needles are small and relatively painless, but if needles make you squeamish, surrogacy might not be right for you.

3. You have done your research and understand the surrogacy process.

Becoming a surrogate and going through the process is an emotional roller coaster. It’s important to know the steps in the process, and understand what will be expected of you for travel and medications, the pregnancy itself, and communication with your intended parents.

4. You are willing to follow all protocols.

become a surrogate One of the reasons you qualify to become a surrogate is because you’ve been pregnant and have given birth. However, while you have that experience under your belt, it’s important to remember that surrogate pregnancy is different from a traditional pregnancy, especially in the beginning stages. You will be given specific protocols from the doctors that must be followed to ensure a successful pregnancy and journey.

5. You are willing to undergo screening with a social worker.

Every surrogate at Circle Surrogacy goes through the same screening process that involves a 2.5-hour long video call with a social worker. This call involves an in-depth interview to help determine the surrogate’s motivation for becoming a surrogate, her support system, her pregnancy history, her family, and to learn more about her. 

6. You have identified a primary support person.

In Circle’s program, surrogates are required to have a primary support person who will not only support them emotionally but also travel with them and provide additional help as needed, including childcare. Circle also highly encourages our surrogates to share their decision about becoming a surrogate with their extended friends and family. You are doing something amazing – be proud!

7. You are comfortable traveling on a plane and being away from home for up to 7 days.

Surrogacy travelWhile your local monitoring during your journey is done close to where you live, your medical screening and embryo transfer will be done at the IVF clinic chosen by your intended parents. These will both be overnight trips of varying lengths.

8. You’re ready for one of the biggest emotional decisions of your life.

When we ask experienced surrogates to put into words what their surrogacy journeys were like, they find it hard to articulate how big and rewarding it was. You will be giving the biggest gift possible to people who will start out as strangers but will likely become more like family. (A report on gestational surrogacy in New York found that women around the world feel positive about and enriched by the surrogacy experience.)

9. You are ready to be open and honest.

The key to a successful surrogacy journey is when all parties communicate openly and honestly with one another. This open communication helps set the stage.

10. You are ready to push yourself mentally and emotionally further than you ever could have imagined.

Buckle up for the most rewarding experience of your life!

We hope these 10 ways to know if you’re ready to become a surrogate help you to make a more informed decision about whether you’re ready to start the process!becoming a surrogate

If you’re ready to apply to become a surrogate, we’re ready to meet you!

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