How to Educate and Involve Your Kids in Your Surrogacy Journey

educating kids about surrogacy

Written by Amanda Harden, experienced gestational carrier with Circle Surrogacy. Amanda talks about educating kids about surrogacy! If you’ve ever been pregnant with a young kiddo in tow, you have surely run into a stranger at the store asking your child if the baby will be a brother or sister. One concern my husband and […]

The Importance of Sleep During Pregnancy

sleep during pregnancy

The Importance of Sleep During Pregnancy was written by the Sleep Help Institute  for Circle  Surrogacy to help women have the healthiest surrogate pregnancy for themselves and for the baby they’re carrying! Everyone needs quality sleep to maintain mental, emotional, and physical health. There’s no time in life where that’s more apparent than sleep during pregnancy. The physical demands […]

Ask An Egg Donor: How Long Does the Egg Donation Process Take?

How Long Does the Egg Donor Process Take?

  This blog was authored by Circle egg donor Felicia We get tons of questions from our egg donors on everything from matching and fertility medications, to travel and the egg retrieval. To better inform our prospective donors, we’ve enlisted the help of one of our experienced egg donors Question: I was just wondering how […]

Circle Celebrates 1500 Babies – Meet Lee…Baby #2

Circle has been celebrating #1500circlebabies all month long with stories from their own employees who were surrogates on intended parents through the surrogacy program. Our last celebratory post is from Lee Winters, who was the SECOND baby born at Circle through surrogacy. It’s hard to believe that Lee is already 18 years old! We caught […]

Circle Celebrates 1500 Babies — Kristin’s Story

Intended Parent Kristin with her Surrogate Brittani

Circle Surrogacy is celebrating #1500circlebabies all month long, by highlighting the amazing stories from their own employees, many of whom have participated in surrogacy journeys as surrogates or intended parents. Kristin, our new Marketing Director, shares her story as an intended parent. Kristin and her husband were blessed with baby #890 through Circle. Kristin shares […]

Celebrating 1500 Circle Babies – Minette’s “Super” Delivery

1500 circle babies surrogate minette

Throughout October, Circle Surrogacy is celebrating #1500circlebabies  by highlighting the amazing stories from our own employees, many of whom have participated in surrogacy journeys as surrogates or intended parents. Minette, one of our Program Coordinators, shares her story as surrogate. Minette gave the ultimate gift to her Intended Father by bringing babies #141 and #142 […]