Become a Parent Through Surrogacy in Sweden

Surrogacy in Sweden

Many intended parents from Sweden work with agencies in the United States to grow their families through surrogacy and egg donation. Circle Surrogacy’s experienced staff has been helping intended parents grow their family through surrogacy in Sweden for decades, sharing their stories, educating them on the surrogacy process and costs, and providing support even after the birth […]

Becoming a Surrogate: Does an Agency’s Location Matter?

surrogacy agency location

Whether you are researching surrogacy agencies as a prospective surrogate or are an intended parent looking for the right agency to help your family grow, you’ve most likely come across location information listed on different agency websites. You may not know this, but surrogacy agency location is not very important! Circle’s main office is located in […]

Australia Votes YES to Same-Sex Marriage – Circle Surrogacy

gay rights in australia

In a huge win for gay rights in Australia, Shouts of celebration were heard across the nation on Wednesday last week after the results of a two-month postal survey came out in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. This is a huge, happy win for the LGBT community in Australia. Hundreds gathered to hear the announcement, which […]

Circle Surrogacy Proudly Attends ‘Men Having Babies’ Conference

Aymee, a Circle surrogate, interviews with the Brussels press.

Circle Surrogacy was honored to be part of the Men Having Babies Conference in Brussels in September. This informational —and inspirational —weekend was attended by over 100 couples from across Europe who gathered to learn more about surrogacy as a means of building their families. Men Having Babies is a non-profit organization providing educational and practical information […]

VIDEO: From Intended Parent to Helping Intended Parents Abroad

From Intended Parent to Helping Intended Parents Abroad – 20th Anniversary Brett Griffin-Young first came to Circle Surrogacy agency with his husband to have their son Sebastian. About six months after his son was born, he knew he wanted to help intended parents abroad with their surrogacy journeys. As part of our 20th Anniversary Video Series, […]