5 Best Fertility Podcasts in 2022

two fertility and surrogacy podcast hosts recording a surrogacy podcast

Finding high-quality podcasts about fertility or surrogacy can be difficult in 2022. Everywhere you look there is a new podcast popping up. As IVF, surrogacy, egg donation, and sperm donation become more popular ways to grow families, the more information is available about third-party reproduction. To help you find the best fertility and surrogacy podcasts, […]

Answers to Common Questions Asked by Surrogates

A prospective surrogate uses her laptop to research surrogacy agencies.

With more people than ever choosing surrogacy to grow their families, the number of women considering becoming surrogate mothers is also increasing. Surrogates are compassionate individuals who want to be part of a very special journey with intended parents. If you’re exploring the world of surrogacy as a potential gestational carrier, finding surrogacy agencies in […]

5 Ways to Give Back this Giving Tuesday and You May Even Make Money Doing It!

giving back without spending money

November is a busy month filled with yard work, schoolwork, preparing for the holidays, spending time with family, shopping, shopping, and more shopping. As shopping holidays such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday have gained popularity in the last decade, the emphasis on buying and spending has become the focus of the […]