What’s New: Exciting Changes to Our Surrogate Program

We’re always looking for ways to improve the overall experience for our surrogates, intended parents, and egg donors. Here are a few examples of some recent improvements we implemented to make our surrogate program better: 1. New Facebook support group. We’ve always offered a forum for Circle surrogates to share their experiences, ask questions, and […]

Irish Vote for Marriage Equality

Ireland became the 20th country to legalize same-sex marriage on Saturday. Notably, it is the first to embrace marriage equality by national popular vote. Previous national marriage equality decisions have come through the courts or legislative bodies. (Notably, at the U.S. state level, voters approved marriage equality measures in Maine, Maryland, and Washington State in 2012) […]

The Surrogate Application: What is the Surrogate Portal?

Let’s face it. Applying to become a surrogate requires submitting a lot of information. There are questionnaires to complete, covering your health history; matching preferences and personal background; insurance intake forms; photos; and medical records. While there are a lot of things we ask potential surrogates when they apply, the answers to these questions help […]

Year in Review: The Top Surrogacy Stories from Every Month in 2014

From the wave of marriage equality sweeping the United States and the heartbreaking stories out of Thailand, to a European court decision paving the way for less restrictive policies across the continent, it has been a very busy year in the surrogacy world. As the number of intended parents choosing surrogacy has grown, we’ve seen […]

French Council of State Allows Citizenship for Children Born Through Surrogacy

Friday marked a positive development for French parents through surrogacy. The country’s Conseil d’état, which serves as the highest court for administrative law, issued a ruling dismissing challenges to a Justice Department memorandum requiring citizenship documents for children born to French parents, even if the children are suspected of being born through surrogacy. Surrogacy is […]

Learn About Surrogacy: 5 Resources to Check Out

Starting the surrogacy process can be a little intimidating. We’ve found that parents and surrogates  have an easier time navigating the process when they’ve done a little research before joining our program. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of resources for those of you—prospective surrogates and parents alike—who are just getting started. Take […]