Circle Attends CancerCon 2018 in Denver

CancerCon is the annual, international gathering of the young adult cancer movement. And once again, Circle was proud to be part of the weekend-long event, held this year in Denver.  Jen Rachman, who is a cancer survivor, parent through surrogacy, and an Outreach Associate at Circle, was in attendance sharing her experience and educating others about building a […]

Infertility: Don’t Ask and Don’t Assume

In recognition of National Infertility Awareness Week, April 22nd-28th 2018, we’re posting a series of blogs to shine a light on the causes of infertility and the men and women it affects.  Infertility is sneaky. It can consume someone’s emotional and physical well-being, however you can’t tell someone is struggling with infertility just by looking at them. Anyone […]

Inside Circle – Minette Bryant

We’re starting a new series called ‘Inside Circle’ wherein we’ll introduce you to some of the Circle family members who help us to support all of our wonderful surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents throughout their journeys. This week, we’re featuring our Program Coordinator Minette, who, as a Circle surrogate delivered two of the first 150 babies at Circle, […]