VIDEO: Why Do Women Become Surrogates With Circle Surrogacy?

 Why do women become surrogates with Circle Surrogacy? Learn more about becoming a surrogate. | Learn more about becoming an intended parent. “Surrogates to me are very special. I think their work is more inspiring than our work.” – Dr. Daneshmand Dr. Daneshmand, a fertility specialist and Circle Surrogacy-affiliated IVF doctor from San Diego Fertility Center, explains the requirements to […]

Birth Announcement! Join Us in Welcoming These Adorable Twins

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Washington, D.C. Lifts Ban on Surrogate Contracts on April 7, 2017

Message from Circle Surrogacy Founder and President John Weltman: In keeping with our belief that surrogacy will continue to be better in the United States, we are delighted to announce that, effective today, Washington, D.C. has begun permitting surrogacy. This was subject to review by the U.S. Congress before becoming effective. This means that we […]