Surrogacy Documentary Coming Soon! The Guys Next Door

THE GUYS NEXT DOOR (Trailer) The feature-length documentary The Guys Next Door follows Erik, Sandro and Rachel on a surrogacy journey. Filmmaker Amy Gellar read an article one day about an extraordinary woman, Rachel, who offered to be a gestational carrier for her friends, Erik and Sandro, a same-sex couple. With three children of her own, […]

It’s Twins! One of the Cutest Photos We’ve Seen from Circle Surrogacy

Surrogacy Birth Announcement! Two cute little faces with matching grins. Nothing could be sweeter than twins. We’re overcome by the cuteness in this photo. The blue blankets and the orange binkies. We’re your dedicated partner in your parenthood journey. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent, so we tailor our surrogate […]