4 Ways to Be a Great Surrogate Mother

“What makes a great surrogate mother?” We often get this question from surrogates (and intended parents). Unfortunately, there’s no clear cut answer. However, there are several qualities and factors that play into a successful journey as a surrogate mother. Beyond meeting the requirements and passing screening, a strong surrogate should have a love of pregnancy, […]

Surrogacy for Cancer Survivors: Video

Circle Surrogacy and Stupid Cancer teamed up to educate cancer survivors about family-building during Surrogacy for Survivors. The Google Hangout on Air was held earlier this month, but is continuously available on our YouTube page. Jen Rachman led the informal information session and group discussion. Jen is an outreach coordinator at Circle, a cancer survivor, […]

Becoming a Parent through Egg Donation: What is the Consultation?

Want to find an egg donor? A consultation to discuss your needs and expectations is the first step. Learn more about what happens in this meeting… Egg donation is a wonderful family-building option available to intended parents in need of a bit of extra help. Individuals and couples considering egg donation may be doing so […]