Surrogate Pregnancy: How to balance pregnancy and family

Pregnancy. You’re no stranger to the growing bump, the late-night kicking sessions, or the bizarre food cravings. Yet many women who become surrogates do so because they love all aspects of being pregnant. And becoming pregnant to help another family grow? There’s just nothing like it. It goes without saying that becoming pregnant while still raising […]

A Look Inside the Departments at Circle Surrogacy

At Circle Surrogacy, a lot of hard work goes into ensuring a smooth surrogacy or egg donation experience. As such, our intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors work with several departments throughout their time with us. While each one has different tasks, all departments have an equal amount of responsibility to helping build families. To […]

Becoming a Surrogate Mother: 4 ways to embrace your surrogacy experience

Becoming a surrogate mother takes time, research, and dedication, but the women who become surrogates become surrogates for life. That’s not to say they dedicate the rest of their lives to the child and family they’ve helped. Different surrogacy arrangements yield different relationships. Becoming a surrogate mother means taking a stand on the importance of family […]

Working with Egg Donor Agencies: Circle donors speak up

Egg donor agencies offer a wide range of opportunities and options to people exploring egg donation. Circle encourages known donation arrangements to provide both intended parents and egg donors with the best possible experiences. When choosing an egg donation agency, donors should feel connected to the staff, the agency’s mission, and the services the agency […]

Learn About Surrogacy: 5 Resources to Check Out

Starting the surrogacy process can be a little intimidating. We’ve found that parents and surrogates  have an easier time navigating the process when they’ve done a little research before joining our program. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of resources for those of you—prospective surrogates and parents alike—who are just getting started. Take […]

Egg Donor of the Week: Meet Margaret!

Donor #: 15342 Age: 22 Height: 5’ 6” Weight: 140 Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel Ethnic Background: German, Irish, Italian, Scottish Education: Currently Enrolled in College Location: NJ Our egg donor of the week is an athletic, intelligent, and driven young woman who loves to laugh. Margaret is currently attending Rutgers Business School after completing her associate degree in marketing and business. She […]