The Start of Your Surrogacy: Down the path to parenthood

It’s official! You’re starting a surrogacy journey with Circle. You’ve signed your agreement for services and have been officially been welcomed. But what’s next? Following your welcome email, you’re assigned to your program coordination team, which consists of a program manager and a program coordinator. This team is in place to help guide you through […]

New Webinar! Is Egg Donation Painful?

Circle is excited to announce its upcoming webinar for any woman interested in becoming an egg donor. During this free event, prospective donors will learn more about the medical aspects of egg donation through the experiences of two former egg donors. Tune in to learn more about medications, clinic visits, the retrieval procedure, and more. You will also […]

Egg Donor of the Week: Meet Ivelina

Donor #: 15166 Age: 26 Height: 5’ 8” Weight: 120 Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Ethnic Background: Bulgarian Education: Currently Enrolled in College Location: NY Ivelina is a bright and mature young woman who has come to U.S. from Bulgaria to pursue her dreams of becoming a physician’s assistant. Growing up, Ivelina was on track to becoming a professional tennis player, which she […]

Egg Donor of the Week: Meet Kristiene

Donor #: 14753 Age: 21 Height: 5’ 2” Weight: 123 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Ethnic Background: Chinese Education: Currently Enrolled in College Location: MA Egg donor Kristiene joins Circle Egg Donation with the hopes of helping families grow. Outgoing, active, and passionate, she dedicates herself to the people and experiences that surround her. Kristiene is currently enrolled in college to pursue a […]

State Spotlight: Surrogacy in California

Circle is dedicated to informing intended parents and surrogates as much as possible about surrogacy, including the different state laws addressing the practice. Here is a brief overview laws pertaining to surrogacy in California. Favorable Law California’s laws on surrogacy are some of the nation’s best when it comes to protecting the rights of intended […]

Super Lawyers Magazine Honors Circle Attorneys

The experts in Circle’s legal department have done it again, making it into the 2014 New England edition of Super Lawyers Magazine. Congrats to Scott Buckley, Bruce Hale, and Dean Hutchison on being honored as Rising Stars for their achievements in family law. Because of their hard work, numerous intended parents’ have fulfilled their dreams of starting […]

Ask An Egg Donor: What tests do I have to take in the egg donation process?

We get tons of questions from our egg donors on everything from matching and fertility medications to travel and the egg retrieval. To better inform our donors, we’ve created the “Ask An Egg Donor” series and enlisted the help of one of our experienced donors, Felicia. Question: Hi Felicia, I am currently waiting on parents […]