Ireland Drops Surrogacy Legislation Plans

The latest version of a plan that would overhaul family law in Ireland no longer addresses surrogacy, according to the Irish Times. The original proposal was published earlier this year by the former Justice Minister, Alan Shatter, and had included provisions on surrogacy arrangements and children born through surrogacy. The current Minister for Justice, Frances […]

Explaining Surrogacy to My Children (and Intended Parents)

My name is Nancy Weatherby, and I am fortunate enough to be a mom to two beautiful children born through the gestational surrogacy process.  I am also an Outreach Coordinator at Circle Surrogacy. Many intended parents who contact me to learn about the process of surrogacy are concerned about how they will explain their journey […]

Frequently Asked Questions about the SPAR Program for Surrogates

by a former SPAR surrogate It has been six months since I’ve had a c-section, delivering twins to a gay, HIV-positive international couple in the SPAR program. Where has the time gone?! I have seen countless pictures and videos of these angels several times a week, close to daily. Excessive? Maybe, but our connection has […]

Donor of the Week: Meet Emma

Donor #: 12048 Age: 20 Height: 5’ 5” Weight: 138 Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue Ethnic Background: French, Swedish, German, English, Irish, Scottish Education: Currently Enrolled in College Location: MA If it were possible for someone to be in two different places at once, Emma would be the first person to do it. After an incredible first year of college, Emma decided […]

What’s the Hold Up? Why breastfeeding and IMPLANON may put you on hold as a surrogate applicant.

I’m currently breastfeeding but plan on self-weaning. Why do I have to wait to move forward with my surrogacy? It is typically recommended that a gestational surrogate who is breastfeeding stop doing so at least one month before undergoing an IVF treatment cycle whereby an embryo is transferred into her uterus. The process of breastfeeding […]

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Why should you get involved?

According to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, one in 71 women develops ovarian cancer in her lifetime. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2014, there will be a total of 21,980 new cases of ovarian cancer in the U.S. alone. Ovarian cancer awareness is of the utmost importance for women and health professionals because of its often […]

Egg Donor of the Week: Meet Eva

Donor #: 14130 Age: 28 Height: 5’ 5” Weight: 135 Hair Color: Dark Blonde Eye Color: Blue Ethnic Background: Ukrainian, Lithuanian Education: A.A. in Marketing and Public Relations Location: FL Meet Eva: a grounded, responsible, and thoughtful young Ukrainian woman who is making a life for herself in the U.S. After graduating from school with a degree in marketing and public relations, Eva continues […]

September: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Months

September is a month to get involved and learn more about two conditions with which many women are diagnosed. In a two-part series, we will do our part to recognize and raise awareness of PCOS and Ovarian Cancer, as both of these play a major role in infertility in women. According to the Center for Disease […]