Donor of the Week: Meet Daisy

Donor #: 14111 Age: 21 Height: 5’ 3” Weight: 120 Hair Color: Dark Blonde Eye Color: Blue Ethnic Background: Jewish, Russian Education: B.A. in Film and Media Studies Location: CA For a 21 year old, Daisy has made quite a name for herself with all she’s accomplished. After graduating from high school with a 4.3 GPA, she went to college where she continued […]

How I Came to Surrogacy—both Personally and Professionally

Let me introduce myself. I am Brett Griffin-Young, a dad through surrogacy and adoption. I also have been working for Circle Surrogacy for the last four years. As the International Outreach Associate, I represent Circle Surrogacy around the world in various ways. I have been civil partnered (married) to my husband, Matthew, since July 2006, […]

Recent Court Decisions on Marriage Equality

The fight for marriage equality is being waged across the nation. Since last year’s landmark Windsor case, there have been roughly 28 court rulings declaring anti-marriage equality bans unconstitutional. With the exception of the recent ruling in Tennessee, there has been a string of wins on marriage equality rulings. Here are some of the most recent developments. […]

Donor of the Week: Meet Lindy

Donor #: 13691 Age: 21 Height: 5’ 6” Weight: 110 Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Ethnic Background: Dutch, German, Indian, French Education: Currently Enrolled in College Location: CA If Lindy had to describe herself in nine words, she would choose: determined, thoughtful, detailed, adventurous, independent, intelligent, loyal, responsible, and active. She received her high school diploma with the highest possible honors and […]

5 Tips for Completing the Surrogate Welcome Packet

Becoming a surrogate is a unique and rewarding experience in which you have the opportunity to give the gift of life and fulfill parent’s dream to build a family. Before acceptance into our program, our surrogates undergo multiple thorough screening processes to ensure that they are eligible to work with us. The first stage requires […]

Donor of the Week: Meet Britney

Donor #: 13497 
Age: 25 Height: 5’ 5” Weight: 138 Hair Color: Brown 
Eye Color: Brown Ethnic Background: African American, Indian 
Education: Graduated from College and Received her Dental Assistant Certificate Location: IL Britney is a spunky, artistic, and driven young woman who finds the beauty in the simpler pleasures of life. Over the years, she has found her passion in the arts […]