Cure Magazine’s “The other option: Surrogacy after cancer”

Jen Rachman, social worker at Circle Surrogacy, contributes to Cure Magazine in “The other option: Surrogacy after cancer.” Here she shares her experiences on her journey to parenthood. CATEGORIES [ SURVIVORSHIP, YOUNG ADULTS ] The other option: Surrogacy after cancer BY GUEST BLOGGER | MARCH 26, 2014 At age 26, I was on my own, self-sufficient, secure and independent. I was already […]

Australian Known Sperm Donor Granted Parental Rights

An independent assisted reproduction arrangement gone wrong makes headlines in Australia. The intended mothers and sperm donor found themselves in the Federal Circuit Court arguing about parentage. “The case is a clear illustration of the danger for all concerned when a known donor arrangement goes sour,” says Stephen Page, one of Australia’s leading surrogacy lawyers. Read […]

Family Development Research: The effects of assisted reproduction

Family structure has changed markedly in the past few decades. Starting a family is now possible for a greater variety of intended parents due to the advances in assisted reproduction technologies (ARTs), allowing lesbian and gay parents to start families for example. Despite the increasing numbers of couples and individuals helped by ARTs, these families […]

Surrogate Mother Pay: We’ve Increased the Compensation!

To become a surrogate mother and help a couple or individual create a family is one of the greatest things a woman can do for another. And for that selfless journey— or 9-month, full-time job— we’ve decided to increase our overall standard benefits package for surrogates.* We know this money is important, as many surrogates use it […]

7 Ways to Love the Baby Bump: documenting your surrogacy pregnancy

A pregnant body is a beautiful body, but many women have a hard time coming to terms with their ever-changing figure. Your body becomes a home to an intended parent’s child. And your transformation to accommodate new life is truly remarkable. Here are some ways to celebrate an exciting nine-month journey with a new passenger on […]