Weekly Roundup: Surrogacy and Other Stories in the News

A lot has happened this week. One state’s governor vetoed an anti-gay bill, other states began considering these kinds of right-to-deny-service bills, the FDA reviewed 3-person DNA technology, and a judge struck down another state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Welcome to the second edition of “Weekly Roundup.” Arizona Vetoes Anti-Gay Bill A bill that would […]

Infertility and Anger: Practicing emotional self-awareness

A diagnosis of infertility brings with it a wide range of emotional responses, including one particular feeling that can stand out above the rest—anger. Many women may react to a new diagnosis angrily as a means of coping with an overwhelming mix of underlying feelings that include fear, anxiety, despair, depression, regret, and shame. In […]

FDA Weighs in On 3-Person DNA Technique

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is meeting in Washington to discuss a raised ethical quandary. If science allows us to make a baby free of certain defects, should we do so? That’s exactly what mitochondrial manipulation technologies in assisted reproduction do. Women with mitochondrial diseases can have their own biological children without passing them […]

Hearing a Heartbeat for the First Time

We just heard a heartbeat for the first time. It was…magnificent.  And quite literally left us speechless. A post-ultrasound check-in with our Program Coordinator and the simple question “how are you feeling?” elicited a surprising response: overwhelming joy that we weren’t quite sure how to express in words. As it turns out, we’re feeling a lot […]

New Webinar! Becoming a Surrogate: The Application

Circle Surrogacy is excited to present its first webinar for prospective surrogates. During this one-hour session, you will hear from experienced surrogates and Circle staff members about the process of applying to be a gestational surrogate. And you’ll have an opportunity to ask us any questions! What: Webinar “Becoming a Surrogate: The Application” Who: Presented […]