Kansas Bill Banning Surrogacy Dropped

Great news has surfaced regarding the Kansas surrogacy debacle. ASRM reported that lawmakers in Kansas will not be voting on a bill that would ban and criminalize surrogacy contracts. The bill, sponsored by Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, yielded overwhelmingly negative attention. As such, Pilcher-Cook was pressured to pull the bill from consideration for this year. Voices of […]

Health Ministry Advocates Propose Bill Allowing Surrogacy for LGBT Intended Parents

This Sunday, The Health Ministry of Israel plans on proposing a bill that would allow same-sex couples and individuals to pursue surrogacy. The bill was proposed during a Committee meeting, which was held to discuss Israeli couples who hired surrogates in Thailand and are unable to return home. Currently, Thai law recognizes these babies as Thai […]

U.S. Surrogacy Webinar: Options for intended parents

Circle Surrogacy aims to inform as many intended parents as possible about their family-building options. In an effort to do just that, we hosted a webinar to cover all aspects of surrogacy in the United States. Our panelists– Alicia Imperato, LCSW, Social Worker at Circle Surrogacy; Dean Hutchison, Attorney at Circle Surrogacy; Dr. Vicken Sahakian, Medical Director […]

Thai Surrogacy No Longer Possible for Israeli Intended Parents

The issue of Israeli babies born to Thai surrogates made the news this week as numerous intended parents are fighting for permission to return home with their newborns. According to The Times of Israel, surrogacy in Thailand is now complicated due to a new law under which babies born to Thai women are automatically given citizenship. […]

Family Equality Council Talks Surrogacy

Who We Are As a national organization, Family Equality Council represents 3 million parents who are LGBTQ and their 6 million children. Through our work, it is our privilege and opportunity to observe first-hand the many ways families are created. In recent years, the advancement of assisted reproductive technologies has provided options to couples, whether […]

Circle Egg Donation: Who we are and what we do.

As an egg donation agency, we connect intended parents with egg donors. We coordinate all aspects of your egg donation—from screening and matching, to contract negotiation and connecting you to an IVF clinic. Our Services We review and process applications, educate potential egg donors, coordinate with IVF clinics and more. Our legal team drafts an agreement […]