It’s Official! A Victory for France and Marriage Equality

“Love has won out over hate,” Helene Mandroux, mayor of the southern city of Montpellier, told Reuters. After a long and contentious fight for marriage equality, France becomes the 14th nation to legalize gay marriage. On Friday, May 17, President Francois Hollande signed a law, which takes effect on May 29, 2013, allowing marriage for and adoption […]

Talking about Surrogacy: Advice for Gestational Carriers

“When are you due?” “Not for another two months.” “Have you picked out a name?” “Not yet. The parents have a few in mind, though.” Although you’re excited and confident about your decision to become a surrogate, some people, such as neighbors, community members, and/or acquaintances, may not feel the same way  or may have […]

Brazilian Judicial Council Approves Gay Marriage

A judicial council in Brazil ruled today that government offices can no longer deny marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. “This is the equivalent of authorising homosexual marriage in Brazil,” according to Raquel Pereira de Castro Araujo, head of the human rights committee of the Brazilian bar association. A different path to marriage equality […]

Egg Donor Selection: Advice on Finding Your Perfect Match

You’re fully committed to becoming a parent through egg donation. You’ve chosen an agency to work with and a program that best suits your needs. Great! But what happens when you’re at the point of selecting your donor? You know…the person whose genetic DNA will run through your child’s veins. Kind of a big decision! Luckily, […]