Australian Gay Surrogacy Ban Shelved: Why It Had To Fail

Queensland’s Liberal National Party has shelved its plans to ban surrogacy for gay couples and single people, according to the Brisbane Times. The Attorney-General had announced the party’s intention to restrict the practice to married heterosexual couples in the Australian state last June. Like most Australian states and territories, Queensland allows only altruistic surrogate mothers. But the […]

5 Things Australian Lawmakers Can Learn About Surrogacy From The United States

Australians and Americans share a language, a similar legal tradition with roots in English common law, a federal government system, and many cultural norms. When it comes to the issue of surrogacy and surrogacy laws, however, we’ve taken vastly different paths. In both countries, surrogacy is generally a matter left to the states or territories […]

Landmark Ireland Surrogacy Case: Genetic Mother Named Legal Parent by High Court

An Irish mother is the legal parent of a child she and her husband had with the help of a gestational surrogate, according to Ireland’s High Court. The decision goes against the Irish government’s established position that surrogates are the legal mothers of the children they deliver. While surrogacy is not illegal in Ireland, the lack […]