Irish Surrogacy Case: High Court Weighs Naming Mother on Twins’ Birth Certificates

Currently, surrogates who give birth in Ireland are treated in law as the mothers of the children they deliver. But a married Irish couple who completed a gestational surrogacy arrangement with the wife’s sister is challenging this policy in an action currently before Ireland’s High Court. The surrogate supports her sister’s request to replace her as the mother […]

Surrogacy in India: What to Make of the New Guidelines

Tourist visa is not the appropriate visa category and such foreigners will be liable for action for violation of visa conditions. The appropriate visa category for commissioning surrogacy is a medical visa.

The foreign man and woman intending to commission surrogacy should be duly married and the marriage should have sustained for at least two years. Please also note that current Indian laws do not recognize gay marriages.

Until last month, surrogacy in India was an option for intended parents of all backgrounds—including gay couples, single individuals, and unmarried straight couples. This set India apart from most other surrogacy destinations with stricter requirements,many of which only permit uncompensated surrogacy or limit surrogacy to heterosexual married couples. While the United States remains a popular […]

Is legal surrogacy coming to Washington D.C.?

Any person or entity who or which is involved in, or induces, arranges, or otherwise assists in the formation of a surrogate parenting contract for a fee, compensation, or other remuneration, or otherwise violates this section, shall be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than 1 year, or both. DC CODE § 16-402(b) (emphasis added)

The District of Columbia Council will consider a bill to legalize surrogacy in the U.S. capital this year. In Washington, D.C., surrogacy agreements are currently prohibited and those who participate in compensated surrogacy arrangements can face a fine or imprisonment. Any person or entity who or which is involved in, or induces, arranges, or otherwise […]