New Jersey Surrogacy Case Requires Post-Surrogacy Adoption

Once again, we’re talking about adoption as a safeguard for those who have become parents through surrogacy. In the past, we’ve written about gay couples who turn to second-parent adoptions to secure their parental rights following birth orders. But in some states, adoption following surrogacy is highly recommended for all intended parents—gay and straight. A […]

The Marriage Commitment: Comments on Last Night’s Episode of ‘The New Normal’

Weddings, pretend, gay or otherwise are only meaningful when they are demonstrations of commitments, one person to another.  They are not about parties.  They are not about satisfying parents’ desires.  They’re are about making a connection to another person and a serious commitment to try to stay together. My husband, Cliff, and I have been […]

Who Are Your Daddies?: When It’s Time to Stand Up for What’s Right As Gay Parents

NBC’s The New Normal returns tonight. In last week’s episode, the sitcom about a gay couple pursuing parenthood through surrogacy covered an important question. David’s mother visits and the couple shares the news that they are expecting a child through surrogacy. As they sit down, she asks whose sperm they used. David tries to downplay […]