7 Myths About Surrogacy

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Myths and misinformation abound when it comes to gestational surrogacy. If you are not familiar with surrogacy and what a gestational carrier does, these myths can make the process confusing.   Most myths are rooted in a misunderstanding of what surrogacy is. In this post, we answer this most basic question: What is surrogacy? Then we’ll […]

Surrogacy Requirements: Why Certain Requirements Are in Place

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Are you interested in becoming a surrogate mother but not sure if you meet the requirements? We always receive lots of questions about surrogate requirements—and why gestational carriers need to meet certain qualifications. Surrogacy requirements are put in place to ensure the most positive outcome for both the baby and the surrogate because we care […]

A Short Guide for Surrogates: Shipping Breast Milk

Shipping Breast Milk

For some gestational carriers, their surrogacy journey in Boston, San Francisco, New York, or elsewhere around the world doesn’t end once they give birth. In addition to continuing to grow their relationship with their intended parents (now parents!) and their new baby, some surrogates will go on to pump and ship breast milk to their intended parents […]

9 Do’s & Don’ts for a First Meeting With Intended Parents and Surrogates

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Once you find a surrogate, it’s time to meet! The matching process between surrogates and intended parents is one of the most exciting times of a surrogacy journey. While parents and surrogates may have learned all about each other on paper, having a first face-to-face meeting (that includes via video!) with your surrogate or intended […]

Affordable Surrogacy Tips for Gay Couples & Singles

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Updated April 2023 Becoming parents through surrogacy involves multiple constraints for gay men, including social and biological obstacles. Growing a family for a gay individual or gay couple involves overcoming some significant emotional and financial hurdles. Even though the cost of having a child using a third party can be daunting for any couple or […]

How To Become a Surrogate: 10 Steps Potential Surrogates Can Expect

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Making the decision to become a surrogate is exciting and momentous. Becoming a surrogate is an incredibly generous act and will change someone’s life in a beautiful way. Whether you are thinking about being a surrogate in Los Angeles, considering surrogacy in Boston, or looking into the surrogacy process in a town in between, we […]