Talking about Surrogacy: Advice for Surrogates

Talking about surrogacy

“When are you due?” “Not for another two months.” “Have you picked out a name?” “Not yet. The parents have a few in mind, though.” Although you’re excited and confident about your decision to become a surrogate, some people, such as neighbors, community members, and/or acquaintances, and the general public, may not feel the same […]

What Type of Women Become Surrogates?

what type of women become surrogates

She’s strong. She’s courageous. She’s powerful. She is a surrogate! Incredible women are out there, willing to make miracles happen through gestational surrogacy. They come from all walks of life—the stay-at-home mom raising toddlers, the executive who loves being pregnant, the woman who simply feels compelled to help a couple in need. Their motivations and […]