Types of Surrogacy & Your Choices: A Quick Guide

surrogacy definition what is surrogacy?

You’ve likely heard the term “surrogacy” in the news, or perhaps you know someone who was a surrogate or who grew their family through surrogacy. In recent years, surrogacy has become a common form of assisted reproduction. If you’re looking to learn more about surrogacy or gestational surrogacy, you’ve come to the right place! What […]

Infertility and the Holidays: Tips for Facing Social Gatherings

Image of holiday lights on the ground with a title that reads, "Navigating infertility During the Holidays and Answering Tough Questions".

Infertility has no calendar—it’s present every day. There are certain times of the year, however, when your own infertility—and its emotional toll—is more prevalent. Some of those times include Mother’s or Father’s Day, your birthday, the holidays, and the New Year. Even at the best of times, it can be challenging to deal with infertility, […]

We Are So Thankful For Our Surrogates

It’s Experienced Carrier Week here at Circle Surrogacy, and we’ve been shouting it from the rooftops: “We are SO thankful for our amazing surrogates!” Our surrogates were kind enough to share with us how they’re thankful for their surrogacy journeys, what inspired them to become surrogates, what the most rewarding part of their surrogacy was […]

5 Things You Should Know About Egg Donation

Young egg donor looking at the camera and smiling with text "5 Things You May Not Know About Egg Donation" (model)

Surrogacy with Egg Donation is a method of assisted reproduction becoming increasingly popular for those experiencing infertility. According to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, there have been about 10,000 fresh egg donation cycles per year for the last decade. So what is egg donation, and who does it help? Simply put, it is an […]

7 Myths About Gestational Surrogacy

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Gestational surrogacy is the process by which an embryo is created in a laboratory and transferred into the uterus of a gestational carrier who does not share a genetic relationship with the baby she carries. That’s the scientific definition. Emotionally, gestational surrogacy—commonly shortened surrogacy—is an amazing and monumental experience between intended parents hoping for a […]