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Committed to growing families and communities

Circle Surrogacy was founded on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to become a parent. Everything we do is rooted in this principle, which is why we are committed to providing assistance to communities of intended parents to help their dreams of parenthood a reality.

 Making parenthood possible in the LGBTQ+ community

Making parenthood possible in the LGBTQ+ community

Founded by a gay dad through surrogacy, Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation has been helping the LGBTQ+ community become parents for 25 years. This community faces biological and social challenges that can make an expensive and complex process even more so. Because of that, the Circle team partners closely with LGBTQ+ organizations to dedicate their time and expertise to help build families within the community.

 Men Having Babies and GPAP

Men Having Babies and GPAP

GPAP – the Gay Parenting Assistance Program – was created by Men Having Babies to make building a family more affordable for gay prospective parents that need financial assistance for their surrogacy journey. The program provides two tiers of financial assistance of varying degrees.

By the end of 2020, Circle Surrogacy will have donated over half a million dollars since 2018 to help intended parents grow their families through GPAP.

How does GPAP work at Circle Surrogacy?

GPAP at Circle provides legal and escrow services at a discounted rate as well as other services, including pro bono surrogacy agency services.

In order to apply for the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) with Circle Surrogacy, applicants must be Supporting Members of MHB in good standing.

Depending on qualifications, the following GPAP support is offered by Circle Surrogacy:

GPAP Stage II: One (1) pro bono Agency Service(s) per year

GPAP Stage I: 30% discount of Agency Service(s) per year (4 cases per year). Additional Stage I discounts offered at 20% discount of Agency Service(s).

Men Having Babies MBP

Additionally, Circle Surrogacy is also a member of the Men Having Babies Benefits Program (MBP). Intended Parents who are part of this program qualify for the below discounts on their journeys.

Membership Benefits Program (MBP):

$1,000 off Gestational Surrogacy program (Gestational Surrogacy only) or Gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation program (GSED)

 Surrogacy for cancer survivors

Supporting parenthood after cancer

Cancer survivors have the opportunity to become parents through surrogacy and egg donation. Circle Surrogacy is experienced partnering with cancer survivors; in fact, Circle has two cancer survivors and parents through surrogacy on their staff.

Circle Surrogacy supports also supports cancer organizations such as Stupid Cancer's CancerCon and the OMG Stupid Cancer Summit, the Young Survival Coalition and the Oncofertility Consortium & Gilda’s Club.

 The Sam Fund

The Sam Fund

The Sam Fund provides support to young adults who are struggling financially because of cancer. Through direct financial assistance and free online support and education, The Sam Fund helps young adults survive and move forward with their lives after cancer.

Circle Surrogacy is proud to have supported the Sam Fund and their mission to provide grants to cancer survivors.

Philanthropy Opportunities

Circle Surrogacy is proud to support all communities on their journeys to parenthood. Providing financial assistance is a wonderful way for Circle to give back and grow families around the world.

If you have a philanthropy opportunity, please contact us via email.