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Organizations we support at Circle Surrogacy

Circle Surrogacy believes in helping couples and individuals build the families they deserve. Bringing together intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors, we strive to achieve a world in which infertility and sexual orientation are no longer barriers to that dream. We are proud to support and promote our friends on this website who are working to educate, support and protect the rights of families.

 The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center

A beacon of hope for 28 years, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center builds and supports our community through arts and culture, wellness and recovery, HIV/AIDS services, family services and life-saving youth programs designed to foster healthy development in a safe, affirming environment.


Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) is New England’s leading legal rights organization dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation, HIV status and gender identity and expression.
 RESOLVE New England

RESOLVE New England

RESOLVE New England personally understands the complexities of the infertility journey. Their personal connections to infertility drive their organization’s commitment to providing infertility patients with support, education and advocacy.
 connecting rainbows

connecting rainbows

connecting rainbows is an organization that provides legal and fertility resources to the LGBTQ+ community to help start, grow and protect your family. it offers a directory of attorneys that specialize in family building and estate planning, a directory of fertility clinics that are LGBTQ+ friendly and tons of resources for your family building journey. it was created by Gena Jaffe, a lawyer, who went through RIVF with her wife and then had to go through the second parent adoption process.

More organizations that we support.


RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association, established in 1974, is dedicated to ensuring that all people challenged in their family building journey reach resolution through being empowered by knowledge, supported by community, united by advocacy and inspired to act.

Atelier du Futur Papa

Atelier du futur papa is the first workshop reserved for young dads since 2014. Collective workshops are offered to dads-to-be to prepare them for parenthood: daily care of their baby, couple life, education, and child development. This is an educational and convivial workshop for men, where you are invited to learn and share your new family life.

Family Equality Council

Family Equality Council connects, supports and represents the one million parents in this country who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, and the two million children they're raising. We're a community of parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren that stretches across the entire country.

Why Circle?

Men Having Babies

Men Having Babies, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was spun off in July 2012 from a program that ran at the NYC LGBT Center since 2005. It started as a peer support network for biological gay fathers and fathers-to-be, offering monthly workshops and an annual seminar.

Parent's Via Egg Donation

Parent's Via Egg Donation (PVED) is on a mission to educate, support and empower families and individuals at any stage of the process who choose to use egg donation to build a family.

Association Des Familles Homoparentales

The Association des Familles Homoparentales (ADFH) is a French nonprofit association with the purpose of defining the moral and material interests of same-sex families. It is a center of expertise and research on LGBT parenting and protects the rights of same-sex families against prejudice and discrimination.


Why should I choose working with an agency versus going independent?
We believe working with an agency is to your advantage as we provide full support and guidance throughout the entire process. All aspects of the surrogacy journey are handled by our team, from matching, to screening, to legal work, to social work support. This enables us to handle any challenges that may arise, so that you can focus on your pregnancy, and building a relationship with your intended parents.
Why should I choose Circle Surrogacy as an intended parent?

Whether you are an intended parent, a surrogate or an egg donor, when you embark on a journey with Circle, we promise to be beside you every step of the way. We promise to educate, lead and guide you through your surrogacy and egg donation journey. We will work tirelessly to help you achieve success and fulfill your dream.

We are a full-service agency. You will work closely with a Journey Coordination team who will guide and support you throughout your entire journey, including social work, legal and billing support. Circle is the only agency in the world to provide unparalleled program offerings for parents, such as unlimited surrogate and egg donor matching, and an unlimited IVF package. We employ an in-house legal staff who is well-versed in reproductive and surrogacy law and insurance contracts.

At Circle, we have the highest level of dedication to building families than any other agency. We'll help you navigate the road, smooth the bumps, and cheer when we reach our destination. Every person who works at Circle is dedicated to doing everything they can to help you build your family. The Circle Staff goes above and beyond to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.

Why should I choose Circle Surrogacy as a surrogate mother?
We love this question. There are many benefits of becoming a Circle Surrogate. We're a full-service, relationship-based agency with over twenty years of experience, our two-way matching process focuses on finding the best fit for you and your intended parents and we offer extensive support to our surrogates from the moment you start researching through the pregnancy, delivery and beyond. By becoming a surrogate with Circle, you're joining a family of hundreds of incredible women who've helped start and grow families over the last two decades.
Will I need an attorney?
If you live outside the United States, you may find it advantageous to work with an immigration attorney from your home country. You may also need to consult with a family law attorney in your country for help finalizing your parental rights when you return. Finally, some intended parents hire an independent attorney to review our Agreement for Services before signing on with us. Most people do not feel it necessary to find counsel for this purpose, but they do review the Agreement carefully and occasionally request edits and make comments before signing. Once you have joined our program, however, Circle’s legal team will act as your counsel for all legal matters related to the surrogacy in the United States. We will represent you for the negotiation of any contracts with the surrogate and egg donor and will work with local attorneys across the United States to finalize your parental rights.

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