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Samantha O'Dell, Surrogate Outreach Coordinator

Samantha O'Dell

Samantha was born and raised in the US Air Force and spent the first half of her life living out west in the various desert states. After visiting the Midwest, she fell in love with the greenery and great lakes and decided to move for college in 2008. Prior to Circle Surrogacy, Samantha worked as a Property Manager of two communities, a Vendor Contract Specialist in mortgage lending, and as a Sales Account Manager in the steel industry. Joining Circle feels like coming home as she has her certification in Sexual Health Promotion and Education from Indiana University Center for Sexual Health. Samantha is a plant-mom to over 30 plants and fur mom to 3 cats and one dog (she's allergic to all of them but loves them so much). During the brief Midwest summers, you will find Samantha with her partner hiking, kayaking, or on the beach of Lake Michigan!

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