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Fabien Gaudry, International Outreach Associate

Fabien Gaudry

Fabien, who is French and Belgian, joined the Circle team as an International Outreach Associate after becoming a dad through surrogacy. Fabien earned his Master's Degree in European Law, and has worked as a lawyer in the insurance industry in Paris, as well as in the communication department of a non-profit organization. His passion for surrogacy and willingness to share his personal story, allows him to easily connect with International intended parents as part of the consultation legal team. Fabien is active in the gay community, and loves spending time with his children.

 Fabien Gaudry's Story

Fabien Gaudry's Story

Surrogacy changed our lives forever. Our daughter lights up our lives, and the lives of so many others: her godfather and godmother, her grandmas and grandpas, her aunt and cousins, and her friends' lives. It's amazing how many people have been touched through this beautiful story of surrogacy.
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