Cory Revoldt, Surrogate Outreach Coordinator

Cory Revoldt

Cory is excited to work with Circle as a Surrogate Outreach Coordinator. Her wonderful experience as a three-time surrogate for Circle Surrogacy inspired her to join the team to help women who were interested in helping a family learn about the process from a representative with firsthand knowledge. In addition to her personal experience with surrogacy, she has extensive experience in the clerical and medical fields as well as medical records and billing. She loves working with new applicants as they look forward to starting their journey. Cory is married with three kids and she has carried four surrogate babies.

 Cory Revoldt's Story

Cory Revoldt's Story

Being a Circle Surrogate was a life changing and an eye opening experience. My family and I have made life long friends with the 3 families we helped. These journies taught me that I had indeed taken for granted how easy it was for myself to get pregnant. To hear these parents stories and struggles, you couldn't help but want to help them and be apart of making their family dreams come true. This was also a wonderful teaching moment for our children. And I guess one of the other gifts that it brought me personally, was how my own husband viewed me and thought of my being a surrogate. His words brought tears to my eyes. My surrogacy journies are done, but my journey with Circle isn't. I'm truly blessed to continue my passion of surrogacy through working for this amazing company.

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