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Brett Griffin-Young, Head of International Client Services

Brett Griffin-Young

Brett is incredibly passionate about surrogacy and parenting and is honored to be working with Circle. Brett has more than 11 years of experience in surrogacy, and has two sons, Sebastian and Frederick, through the Circle Program. As Head of International Client Services, Brett has had the opportunity to work with Intended Parents from around the world in more than 25 countries. Brett introduces them to – and supports them through – a surrogacy journey in the United States, sometimes for multiple journeys! Brett travels to various cities around the world to meet with Intended Parents at all stages of the process, as well as speaks on various panels about his experience with U.S. Surrogacy. Brett lives with his husband Matthew in Nottinghamshire, England, with their sons Sebastian and Frederick, and their daughter, Georgiana, whom they adopted in the UK at 8 months old. Brett loves to travel, and spend as much time as possible with his three amazing kids.

 Brett Griffin-Young's Story

Brett Griffin-Young's Story

My husband and I embarked on a surrogacy journey in April 2008, knowing not a soul who had actually done surrogacy. We looked at several agencies and chose Circle Surrogacy because we wanted to create a family, not "buy a baby" which is how many of the agencies made us feel. Circle put the surrogate before us. They made it clear it was a relationship-based agency. That we were to treat our surrogate with kindness and respect and in return we would have a wonderful experience. They were not lying. 10 years later we are still friends with our surrogate! We had the most amazing experience. Even the hard times were made easier thanks to the incredible support we got from both Circle and our surrogate. We were a team and became a family! Six months after my son was born, I approached Circle and asked to represent Circle and support Intended Parents like Matthew and I as a source of advice and support. 8 years later I have been involved with hundreds of journey's around the world, from Dublin to Auckland and lots of places in-between, and have become friends with many Intended Parents, watching their families grow and continuing to support them! I simply have the best job in the world with the world's best surrogacy agency. I am pretty excited to be working on another baby to complete my family!
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