Anne Watson, Manager of Medical Billing

Anne Watson

Anne was a former Case Manager at Circle from 2006-2008. She grew up in New England, but moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to marry her husband and became a mother to two beautiful children. She worked for an IVF clinic for 6 years doing insurance benefits, IVF financial counseling and egg donor coordination. She then decided to embark on her own journey as a surrogate, and delivered a baby girl for her IP’s in the summer of 2015. The experience of being a surrogate led her back to rejoin the Circle team as a Program Coordinator, and she recently started the role of Manager of Medical Billing. She hopes that her broad areas of experience personally and professionally will help guide others on their own journey.

 Anne Watson's Story

Anne Watson's Story

There are so many benefits to surrogacy. My children will grow up knowing that this amazing journey we went through as a family, helped create another family. They were pretty young when she was born so as the years go on I will continue to shape the memories and emotions of this experience for them. My husband was my rock, having his support was something I needed more than anything. But overall, the moment she was born was so powerful. Such a flood of emotions seeing my IPs meet their daughter for the first time. But also seeing the pride that my husband, my doula, and all of the medical staff had at that moment as well. You could tell the energy in the delivery room was that they were witnessing something very special.

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