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We’re invested in you, your journey and your success.

Whether you're an intended parent, a surrogate or an egg donor, when you embark on a journey with us, we promise to be beside you every step of the way.

Meet Our Team

We’ve been there.

Our experienced team is made up of former surrogates, egg donors and parents through our program.

My surrogacy journey was so special to me and to my family. We were able to help a family fulfill their dream and make lifelong friends at the same time. Serving our clients as a Program Manager at Circle has allowed me to continue helping families fulfill their dreams.

Michelle Coughlin
Manager of Program Support and Matching
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Anne Watson

There are so many benefits to surrogacy. My children will grow up knowing that this amazing journey we went through as a family, helped create another family. My husband was my rock, having his support was something I needed more than anything. But overall, the moment she was...

Anne Watson
Medical Billing Manager

My husband and I embarked on a surrogacy journey in April 2008. Ten years after our journey, we are still friends with our surrogate. I approached Circle and asked to represent them and support intended parents as a source of advice and guidance. I have become friends with many...

Brett Griffin-Young
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Meet the Circle Team

Where professional meets personal.

 Outstanding people and unparalleled services.

My husband and I were so excited to become parents (finally!) thanks to surrogacy. I'm excited to now work at Circle, and share our surrogacy experience and help others become parents. I feel like I make a difference every day in someone's life. Kristin Marsoli, Director of Marketing

Outstanding people and unparalleled services.

Led by a team of people who have had their own firsthand experiences with surrogacy, we set out to educate, lead and guide you through your journey, working tirelessly to help you achieve success and fulfill your dream. Our profound knowledge and strategic programs – complete with unlimited matching, expertise in diverse communities and long-term support plans – ensure that everyone who joins the Circle Family has the same delightful and personalized experience.

Our Commitment

To Parents

We promise to do everything in our power to help you realize your dreams of parenthood and growing your family. You can count on us to help you reach the end of your journey as smoothly as possible.

To Surrogates

Constant guidance and support, a sincere understanding of the process and a guarantee that we'll find the perfect intended parents for you. That's our commitment to surrogates, and we're able to honor that commitment because of our people and programs.

To Egg Donors

Because you're helping give the greatest gift possible to intended parents, we promise you fair compensation, step-by-step guidance from a program coordinator and an incredible sense of fulfillment that you can't get elsewhere.

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