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Growing families for intended parents outside the U.S.

At Circle Surrogacy, we help intended parents from all over the world realize their dreams of having a family with our step-by-step guidance and support.

 Making the U.S. a haven for intended parents everywhere.

Making the U.S. a haven for intended parents everywhere.

The United States is widely considered to be the ideal country for surrogacy for intended parents from Portugal. They prefer the United States due to its favorable legal, societal and medical conditions, and 46 of 50 U.S. states permit compensated surrogacy. For over two decades, we've worked with intended parents from over 73 countries, including Australia, China, Denmark, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom.
 We give special attention to every country.

We give special attention to every country.

Circle Surrogacy has been making parenthood possible for almost 25 years, and we're the most successful surrogacy agency with a success rate of 99.3% for parents (we've had our success rates audited by a reputable tax and audit firm).Our success with international intended parents is based on the amount of time we spend addressing every country's needs and legal circumstances. With legal contacts in most nations and partnerships with local organizations and lawyers, we're able to ensure that we're providing our clients with a complete solution to safely return home after the birth of their child or children.

Becoming a Parent with Circle Surrogacy: An Overview

Consultations with Circle

All prospective intended parents – whether you’re a couple or a single individual, LGBTQ+, domestic or international – begin with a complimentary consultation that lasts approximately 2-3 hours. This helps us tailor information to meet your specific needs.
Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation offers complimentary consultations for intended parents in Norway where you'll meet with an attorney and a process consultant. During the consultation, you’ll learn about the process of matching with a gestational carrier and/or egg donor, legal implications, insurance, surrogacy costs and financing, and much more.
If you wish to proceed with Circle after your complimentary consultation, you'll sign an Agreement for Services. Once the Agreement is executed, you'll be assigned a Journey Support Team, who will guide you through every phase of the process.

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Matching with your surrogate and/or donor

The matching process begins with an initial call or Skype with your Journey Support Team to choose an IVF clinic and an egg donor (if needed). The next step is to find an appropriate match with a gestational surrogate who's completed our comprehensive screening process.
Once the surrogate has completed the screening process and has been accepted into our program, our matching and legal teams determine possible matching options based on a variety of factors, including: the state she lives in, whether she has insurance, and the matching preferences from both intended parents and surrogates.
We will send the redacted profile of the intended parents (with no identifying information) to the surrogate. If she expresses interest, we will send her profile to the intended parents, similarly leaving out all identifying information. Once the surrogate and the prospective parents express a mutual interest, we will put them in touch by telephone, Skype or email so they can begin to get to know each other.
After communicating with each other, the surrogate and the prospective parents meet in person at their mutual convenience: at the surrogate’s home, the intended parents’ home, or some place in between. If the surrogate has children and/or a partner or spouse, the intended parents meet them as well.
An IVF physician medically screens them after a match is made. If for any reason the surrogate doesn’t pass the medical screening (which is rare), Circle Surrogacy presents a new match free of charge.

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Conception and pregnancy

During the 6th-7th week of pregnancy you'll experience the excitement of baby's first heartbeat(s)! During this exciting time your Program Coordinator will be the primary support person for you and your surrogate. He/she will also be working to ensure that you, your surrogate, the hospital, and others are prepared to welcome your child into the world and that you’re immediately acknowledged as the parent(s) of the child from the moment of birth.

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Bringing your sweet baby home

The most anticipated stage of the journey that may feel like an end, but is simply a new beginning for you. We work out all the legalities, while you snuggle and love your new baby. We have a an in-house legal department that has decades of experience in helping intended parents and their baby, or babies, return home safely with parentage rights.

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Start Your Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

As you consider parenthood through surrogacy, you may have questions. We’ve been helping parents from Portugal navigate their journeys for over two decades and have answered almost every question out there! Below is a small sample of the questions that we have been asked.
How many visits will I have to make to the United States?
If you live abroad, you will be required to come to the United States 2-3 times (for the creation of the embryos at the IVF Clinic and the eventual delivery of the child), but it is more common for international intended parents to visit about 4 times during the process.

The first preferred visit is to meet your surrogate, once you are matched, and complete the medical screening at the IVF clinic. The second is for the IVF procedure and embryo transfer. The third visit is for the 20-week ultrasound scan. And the final visit is for the birth of your child. Of course, if you and your surrogate choose, you can visit more frequently.
How long should I expect to be in the United States during and after the delivery?
This varies based the legal work required and the procedures in the state in which the child was delivered. As a general rule, we advise international intended parents to plan on returning home after 2-4 weeks, to allow ample time for any DNA testing, court proceedings, the issuance of any birth certificates and the application for any visas and/or passports. We will guide you through this process. Depending on legal work, you may be able to go home sooner.
If I don’t live in the United States, how will my child get a passport?
Because of a legal principle known as jus soli, children who are born in the United States are automatically entitled to for U.S. citizenship and U.S. passports, regardless of the citizenship of their intended parents. As a result, most intended parents who pursue surrogacy in the United States are able to return home with their children without first obtaining a passport from their native country. Nevertheless, some international intended parents may choose to or be required to obtain either passports or temporary visas for their children at a local consulate in the United States in order to return home after the birth. Intended parents should consult with immigration attorneys in their native countries for information about the best procedures for returning home with their children. We will assist you in getting the US passport through one of our partners, an expert in navigating the passport system.
What does the legal process involve before and after the birth?
Circle’s legal team coordinates with local attorneys to ensure that you are properly matched with a surrogate in a state where you can accomplish the necessary legal work to finalize your parental rights. You will need to have wills finalized prior to the embryo transfer that ensure that a guardian is in place to care for your children in the event of your death. (If you live in the United States, Circle’s legal team can draft these for you.) Once you are matched, we negotiate contracts on your behalf with independent attorneys who represent the egg donor and/or surrogate. Circle works with local attorneys in the states where the surrogates reside in order to accomplish the legal work necessary to secure your parental rights. Depending on a variety of factors, your surrogacy legal work may include a pre-birth order, a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, a judgment of paternity, a custody orders, or an adoption.
 Testimonials from Circle parents

Testimonials from Circle parents

Well, I guess we have all kinds of feelings. All of them positive. It has been very emotional. It is a major milestone in our lives and we feel both excited, joyful and relieved. We are so grateful for what Circle and the team have helped us to achieve. Fantastic!!! The boys are beautiful. Very similar but not identical. Douglas is a little bit bigger than Ian but both of them are of good size. Ian was first out so I guess he is the big brother. – Patrik

Thank you for helping us to be parents to this wonderful little boy! It has been a wonderful journey! We love you all! You have, with your skills, professionalism, and kind hearts, made this the best journey any parent can have while waiting for their child! - Anne and Magne

We have a daughter. Because of all of you, we have a family. You’ve guided us to our dream and we are forever grateful. You have warmed our hearts, warmed our souls, and with your lovely blanket gift, warmed our precious baby girl, Pearl Anne. Thank you, with love. - Brian and Matt

We were in good hands with you.Thank you so much for your help on this journey. Our son is awesome. Top on our list of thanks is our surrogate, followed not far behind by you and the rest of the Circle team that helped make this happen. I had both kids on my lap the other day just hanging out and experienced a new kind of 'happy' - down to the core happy. - Greg