Surrogacy is an extraordinary gift and a life-altering experience. Women who choose to become surrogates do so out of a sincere compassion to help a loving couple or individual have a child. They realize that nothing fulfills a person’s life more than being part of a family.

The Relationships

The surrogacy process creates an intimate link that binds the lives of the intended parents, the surrogate, and the child. The relationship created through the surrogacy process is one that Circle takes exceptional care to respect and maintain throughout the journey. It is this respect that ensures a positive experience from the matching stage through the birth of the child.

Support and Protection

Circle continues to be successful in ensuring that everyone is fulfilled by this process. We do this by choosing the best doctors in the country so that we can continue to maintain the highest pregnancy success rates of any agency. We also screen intended parents before they enter our program to make sure they are truly aware of the expectations of being a good parent. We expect them to be supportive of each other, their surrogate, and their child. We want them to not only think about the journey itself but their child’s future.

Our primary goals are to provide the kind of support that takes into consideration the expectations of the intended parents and surrogate in order to foster a meaningful relationship that will have a lasting impact throughout the life of the child.  

Circle’s dedication to the care of its surrogates can be seen through the many women who return to offer their gift again as well as the referrals by other women who have been in our program. Our thorough screening process ensures that our surrogates will be properly matched with like-minded intended parents. 

Becoming a Surrogate

If you’re a first-time surrogate, we encourage you to visit the FAQ section of our website and learn more about how surrogacy works prior to completing the online surrogate application. Once you have completed the application, Circle emails you to let you know if your application has been accepted. Those who are accepted receive access to our Surrogate Portal, a login system where you can fill out required forms, submit specific information regarding family background as well as medical history, and access resources about surrogacy. We also ask you to provide photos of yourself and your family to accompany the questionnaire. The completed questionnaire and photos make up your surrogate profile, which is ultimately used in the matching process. Please know that a typical journey is longer than the nine months of gestation. Further, it's an experience that will positively affect you and your family for the rest of your lives.

Legal Contract

When the screening process is complete, you will work with an independent attorney to review your surrogacy contract on your behalf. We negotiate all fees on the contract and create an escrow account for the intended parents. After the contracts are signed, the medical process begins. 

Next Steps

Once all of your paperwork is complete, one of Circle’s social workers sets up phone interviews with you and your support person to ensure that you are fully aware and ready to officially begin a journey. In addition to the questionnaire, Circle conducts in-depth financial and criminal background checks. If you are approved to become a surrogate after completing these initial steps, you are ready to be matched with waiting intended parents.

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