The second season premiere of På bortebane, a Norwegian television show that sends Norway's politicians abroad to have their views challenged, took on the issue of surrogacy. 

Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, who opposes surrogacy, traveled to the United States, to meet with a number of pro-surrogacy advocates. To gain insight into the legal aspects of surrogacy, Minister Isaksen interviewed Circle's President and Founder, John Weltman. John made it clear that a child who comes into the world through surrogacy is the responsibility of the intended parents, from the time the contract is signed. Isaksen also spoke with John and his husband's son, Zachary, who was born through surrogacy.

By the end of the episode, Isaksen acknowleged that his views on the issue of surrogacy had changed and that the issue was more nuanced than he had realized.

Click here to watch the full episode.

In a Good Morning America segment on egg donor compensation, Circle's Gina-Marie Madow shared her expertise as an experienced egg donor and assisted reproductive technology lawyer. She voiced her opinion about current egg donor pay guidelines set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, which are being challenged in a lawsuit. 

You can watch the clip here.

Ireland’s RTÉ television network called upon Circle Surrogacy for its expertise during a live debate segment that aired on March 18, 2014. Dean Hutchison, Director of Legal Services, appeared on Prime Time, to discuss surrogacy in the United States. Public debate about surrogacy has spiked in Ireland recently, as Ireland’s Minister of Justice and Equality, Alan Shatter, published proposed surrogacy legislation in January 2014. In the segment, Dean speaks about Circle’s visit to Ireland to meet with intended parents, Circle’s perspective on open relationships with surrogates and egg donors, the differences between surrogacy in the United States and elsewhere, and what motivates surrogates.

You can stream the full segment here.


The French documentary TV program Tellement Vrai, which airs on NRJ12, featured Circle parents Bruce and David, in a special on gay parenting. The episode follows several LGBT parents in France, Belgium, and the United States. It features Bruce Hale and his husband David as they get ready for their second birth through surrogacy and welcome their newborn daughter into their home. Bruce is Outreach Manager at Circle.
You can watch the full episode here. The segment featuring Bruce and David starts at 5:45 in the video.

Chinese babies born to American surrogates is a niche business that is growing in the United States. Various factors appear to be behind the trend, including infertility, the promise of American citizenship for children born in the U.S., and in some cases, a way to navigate around China's one-child policy. Taking a closer look at what's involved, CCTV News interviews John Weltman, founder and president of Circle Surrogacy.