Circle Surrogacy and Egg Donation founder and president John Weltman contributed to an important piece that appeared in The SciTech Lawyer this past summer. The piece is called, Wishes Granted: The Science Behind HIV Positive Dads and Their HIV Negative Kids.

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The SciTech Lawyer is a quarterly publication for the Science & Technology Law Section of the American Bar Association. Its mission is to provide information about current developments in law, science, medicine, and technology. The Special Program of Assisted Reproduction (SPAR), the program that makes HIV-positive parents able to have HIV-negative children, welcomed its first baby in 1999, yet a majority of people have never heard of this technology.

Since the first SPAR baby was born in May 1999, there have been 272 births via SPAR, which involves sperm washing (the same can be done with eggs) for safe IVF transfer. They have had a 100 percent success rate with these procedures. SPAR is becoming more accessible and more affordable, however, opposition to HIV-positive individuals becoming parents via IVF is still an unfortunate reality. Moreover, many men and women with HIV assume becoming a biological parent is not an option. This is why increased awareness is essential. We hope you take a few moments to read Wishes Granted: The Science Behind HIV Positive Dads and Their HIV Negative Kids, and help us spread the word about this miraculous technology that we have seen make dreams come true for several families.

Circle Founder and President, John Weltman, an experienced assisted reproductive technology (ART) attorney and Circle’s Natalie Kanellis coauthored an article for the Fall 2015 issue of the American Journal of Family Law. The article, entitled “What Family Law Attorneys Need to Know About ART Issues” offers a comprehensive overview of the world of surrogacy and gamete donation and touches on contracts, birth orders, and adoption.

To accomplish the legal goals of an ART arrangement, Weltman and Kanellis argue, “it is necessary to meticulously manage all of the legal intricacies of the surrogacy, to make sure that all of the parties are properly represented and understand all of the legal documents and procedures, and to create an atmosphere of dedication to the best interests of the parties involved and especially to the babies.”

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The Shanghai, Chinese weekly magazine Xinmin Weekly called upon Circle for an article on the growing trend of Chinese intended parents pursuing surrogacy in the United States. Circle President and Founder, John Weltman, noted that Circle has been helping Chinese intended parents living in the UK and the US for at least 8 years. The trend of groing numbers of intended parents from mainland China has picked up in the last two years.

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People magazine ran a feature on Gay and Transgender dads to celebrate Father's Day this year. Three Circle dads made the cut! We're happy to have helped these amazing men become parents through surrogacy.

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The experts in Circle’s legal department have done it again, making it into the 2014 New England edition of Super Lawyers Magazine. Congratulations to John Weltman for being named a Super Lawyer and to Scott Buckley, Bruce Hale, and Dean Hutchison on being honored as Rising Stars for their achievements and in family law. Because of their hard work, numerous intended parents’ have fulfilled their dreams of starting a family. View the digital edition of the magazine here.