“Gays With Kids” Blog turns to Circle for Financial Guidance


Gays With Kids, a blog that aims to be a resource for gay men who are navigating or considering fatherhood, consulted with Circle's Scott Buckley for a recent article on the Costs of Gay Fatherhood.

Scott explained that, while surrogacy is expensive, it is not only for the wealthy. With some planning and the right resources, intended parents with tighter budgets can manage the process. He also noted that it is advisable to have extra funds set aside in case of unanticipated events.

Circle has introduced a number of programs to keep expenses low and make them predictable as possible. Among them are: Unlimited Matching, which allows all Circle intended parents to be matched with as many surrogates and/or egg donors as needed without paying any additional agency fees; Unlimited IVF plans, which have been developed with partner IVF clinics and allow for as many retrievals and transfers as needed for a single price; and, most recently, the Fixed Fee program, which allows intended parents to “know exactly what they will pay for agency fees, surrogate and egg donor fees, and legal work from the beginning."

Scott also noted that Circle’s partnership with Prosper Healthcare Lending gives its U.S. intended parents access to additional financing options.

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