CNN Money Interviews Circle Founder John Weltman


In a story on the growing trend of Chinese intended parents pursuring surrogacy in the United States, CNN Money called upon John Weltman and other experts in the field of assisted reproductive technology. 

"I've never seen anything like what I've seen with the Chinese," John said of the increase in inquiries from China. 

Read the full article here.

Good Morning America Calls on Circle's Gina-Marie Madow


In a Good Morning America segment on egg donor compensation, Circle's Gina-Marie Madow shared her expertise as an experienced egg donor and assisted reproductive technology lawyer. She voiced her opinion about current egg donor pay guidelines set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, which are being challenged in a lawsuit. 

You can watch the clip here.

Wall Street Journal Interviews Circle's Gina-Marie Madow


Whether organizations can establish limits on egg donor compensation is the subject of a federal lawsuit filed in Northern California. In its coverage on the issue, the Wall Street Journal turned to Circle's Gina-Marie Madow, an attorney and a four-time egg donor. Gina-Marie shared her expertise and offered thoughts on egg donor compensation:

"I helped couples chieve their dreams, and in return they helped me go to law school, buy an apartment, pursue my dreams when I was in my 20s," she told the newspaper.

You can read the fulll article here.

Circle Dads Featured in People Magazine Father's Day Story


People magazine ran a feature on Gay and Transgender dads to celebrate Father's Day this year. Three Circle dads made the cut! We're happy to have helped these amazing men become parents through surrogacy.

Check out the article!

Circle Surrogacy Celebrates Milestone Birth of 1,000 Babies

Press Release

The surrogacy agency has been playing a vital role in the family-building options of surrogacy and egg donation since 1995. It has proudly been instrumental in helping gay, straight, and HIV+ intended parents from more than 68 countries start their families.

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Circle Surrogacy is a full service surrogate-parenting agency serving both gay and straight couples and singles. Since 1995, Circle Surrogacy has helped bring to the world nearly 400 babies, with unmatched success rates of close to 100% in clients becoming parents through egg donor surrogacy. Its dedicated staff of professionals is made up of lawyers, social workers, parents through surrogacy, surrogates and past clients. The surrogate mothers who get accepted to the program after careful screening are highly suitable and motivated to help the intended parents have children, and their spouses are also screened to assure they are fully supportive. Circle Surrogacy provides a choice of specialized clinics at locations throughout the country, a large selection of egg donors, swift matching with carefully screened surrogates, and a variety of flexible programs and financial options to suit its clients' unique family choices.