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Everything we do at Circle Surrogacy begins and ends with family. Our staff’s personal experience with the gestational surrogacy and egg donation processes helps us create a very special bond with intended parents who are looking to take the first step toward parenthood. We’ve sought out IVF clinics, surrogates and egg donors, all of whom share our values and beliefs in family.

Our surrogacy and egg donation programs are tailored to fit your needs as an individual or couple, gay or heterosexual, in the United States or from another country. We will be with you throughout the surrogacy process, from the time you choose us as your agency to your trip home with your child. We’re passionate about the work we do and, more importantly, the future we can create for you. Welcome to our family.

To learn more about how to become a parent through surrogacy, please visit our FAQ section.

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Benjamin, Ian and I wanted to drop you a note to wish [Circle] our very best for the holiday season! We are very much looking forward to our first family Christmas with Ben... he will be 10 months tomorrow, and we feel so incredibly blessed to have a son with a wonderfully happy disposition... ... (read more)

- David and Ian


Des jumeaux ! C'est extraordinaire ! C'est merveilleux ! Nous ne réalisons pas encore vraiment ce qui nous arrive !

Nous sommes conscients qu'il y a encore du chemin à parcourir avant de crier "victoire !" mais nous allons essayer de rester optimistes et de garder confiance en la vie. Cette n... (read more)

- T and M