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United Kingdom - Become a Parent through US Surrogacy

Many British intended parents work with agencies in the United States to grow their families through surrogacy and egg donation. Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation, a US based surrogacy agency, has been helping parents from the United Kingdom for decades, sharing their stories, educating them on the surrogacy process and costs, and providing support even after the birth of their babies.

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Why consider surrogacy in the USA with Circle?

Circle Surrogacy has been working with parents throughout the UK to grow their families through surrogacy and/or egg donation for over two decades. These are just a few reasons why you should work with Circle Surrogacy if you live in the United Kingdom:

High success rates. We're the most successful surrogacy agency with a success rate of 99.3% for parents (we've had our success rates audited by a reputable tax and audit firm).

UK-based support. Our UK representative is not only a parent through surrogacy, but available to provide support for intended parents.

Established relationships with IVF clinics. Circle works closely with the most-successful IVF clinics throughout the United States. If you’re already established with an IVF clinic we’re happy to work with your clinic of choice.

Large network of surrogate mums. Circle works with surrogates throughout the United States.

We work with intended parents from all backgrounds. For over 20 years we’ve helped straight and LGBTQ+ couples and singles fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

Flexible consultation schedule. We are available for private surrogacy consultations on a regular basis in the UK.

In-house legal support. Circle has attorneys on staff to help with your legal work and insurance.

Easy return to the United Kingdom. Every child born in the United States receives U.S. Citizenship and U.S. travel documents. Our attorneys on staff have helped families for decades return home safely to the UK.

 Meet with Circle Surrogacy in the UK

Meet with Circle Surrogacy in the UK

Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation offers complimentary surrogacy consultations in the United Kingdom Monday through Friday, and one weekend every other month, where you'll meet with an attorney and a process consultant. During the consultation, discussion includes why US surrogacy is the safer option, the process of matching with a gestational carrier and/or egg donor, legal matters, insurance, surrogacy costs, and much more.

How do I know if I'm ready for a surrogacy agency consultation? Our complimentary consultations are for those who are emotionally and financially ready to begin a surrogacy journey within the next 12 months. If you're not ready for a full consultation, but would like to obtain more information you can schedule a 15-minute chat with me.

In an effort to be as mindful and thoughtful of everyone’s health, and do our part in society to follow CDC recommendations of fewer in-person gatherings or interactions, Circle Surrogacy will be meeting with intended parents via video chat (Skype/Zoom) at a time that's convenient for their schedules.

Reserve your spot to meet with us from the following days and times:

  • August 1- September 30: Mornings and Afternoon time slots available every day
  • September 1, 2020 - Evening
  • September 9, 2020 - Evening
  • September 12, 2020 - Weekend
  • September 18, 2020 - Evening

Our private consultations are free, and allow us to hear your story and what brought you to surrogacy. We'll also discuss an overview of our program and agency protocols, matching with a surrogate mother, surrogacy costs, insurance and much more. You'll meet with an Assisted Reproductive Technology Law attorney and one of our Parent Process Consultants. You'll also have the opportunity to ask any questions in a private setting.

To request a consultation, please fill out the registration form below. If these time frames above don't work for your schedule, please select "Times frames listed don't work for me. I need help accommodating my schedule" on the form and we'll be happy to accommodate your schedule.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a parent with Circle!

You are one step closer to growing your family. A member of our Parent Intake Team will be in touch shortly. We look forward to speaking with you, and learning more about you, and your story.

Surrogacy is a big decision, and you may have many questions. Here are some additional resources to help you understand our process, as well as answers to some frequently-asked questions.

We’ll be in touch soon!

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How do I know if I'm ready for a surrogacy agency consultation?

Circle Surrogacy's complimentary consultations are typically for those who have done their research on surrogacy and have a general understanding of the process and are ready to embark on a journey within the next year.. If you feel that you're ready for a consultation and have questions about what to expect and when to schedule, here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you're still gathering information and not ready for a full consultation, you can schedule a 15-minute chat with a member of our team.

How much does surrogacy cost with Circle Surrogacy in the UK?

Circle is the only agency that offers you two truly fixed price options, tailored to your specific circumstances. Our Fixed Cost Program and Journey Protection Guarantee are designed to help as many Intended Parents as possible bring home a baby while reducing variable costs.

Fixed Cost Program
Surrogacy only: $125,500
Surrogacy plus egg donation: $149,500
(both prices exclude IVF)

Our Fixed Cost Program provides intended parents the security of paying one fixed price a single transfer journey, reducing unexpected expenses and uncertainty of variable costs.

Journey Protection Guarantee Program
Surrogacy only: $135,500
Surrogacy plus egg donation: $159,500
(both prices exclude IVF)

Our Journey Protection Guarantee offers Intended Parents unlimited transfers for a fixed price, plus the Circle Promise: we’ll refund 100% of our agency fee plus unused third party funds if you do not bring home a baby.

Circle's costs include all agency fees, attorneys’ fees, screening and surrogate fees, and insurance costs. They do not include IVF costs.

To find out more about costs and our programs, please click here.

 Meet Brett Griffin-Young: UK representative and parent through surrogacy

Meet Brett Griffin-Young: UK representative and parent through surrogacy

Hello! I'm Brett Griffin-Young, Circle's International Outreach Associate. I'm here to be a resource and a support person for intended parents (IPs) in the UK. Getting to play a small part in so many IPs' experiences on their road to parenthood is both humbling and an honor, so much so, that after my own surrogacy journey I felt compelled to join Circle and help others.

In early 2008, my husband and I realized what was missing in our life and decided to look at options to create a family. We turned to surrogacy, found Circle, and in 2009 in Denver, Colorado fatherhood was upon us! Before we knew it we were knee deep in nappies, baby wipes and bottles and couldn’t have been happier! Shortly therefore after, we decided to have another child. Our daughter was born in 2013 in the UK, whom we adopted at 8 months old. Since we had such a great experience with Circle Surrogacy, we just had our third child (2nd surrogacy journey) in July 2020.

I’m so appreciative that Circle has given me the opportunity to draw on my personal experience to help others understand surrogacy as a family building option. To be able to assist intended parents from the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe bring the dream of parenthood a reality, is a true honor. I love my job!


As you consider parenthood, you may have questions along the way. Don't worry. With 20+ years of experience, we've helped parents navigate surrogacy and their journeys to parenthood, and have answered almost every question out there!
How does the matching process work?
Once we have accepted a surrogate applicant into our program, our matching and legal teams determine possible matching options based on a variety of factors, including: the state she lives in, whether she has insurance, and the matching preferences from both intended parents and surrogates.

We will send the redacted profile of the intended parents (with no identifying information) to the surrogate. If she expresses interest, we will send her profile to the intended parents, similarly leaving out all identifying information. Once the surrogate and the prospective parents express a mutual interest, we will put them in touch by telephone, Skype or email so they can begin to get to know each other.

After communicating with each other, the surrogate and the prospective parents meet in person at their mutual convenience: at the surrogate’s home, the intended parents’ home, or some place in between. If the surrogate has children and/or a partner or spouse, the intended parents meet them as well.

An IVF physician medically screens them after a match is made. If for any reason the surrogate doesn’t pass the medical screening (which is rare), Circle Surrogacy presents a new match free of charge.
What does the legal process involve before and after the birth?
Circle’s legal team coordinates with local attorneys to ensure that you are properly matched with a surrogate in a state where you can accomplish the necessary legal work to finalize your parental rights. You will need to have wills finalized prior to the embryo transfer that ensure that a guardian is in place to care for your children in the event of your death. (If you live in the United States, Circle’s legal team can draft these for you.) Once you are matched, we negotiate contracts on your behalf with independent attorneys who represent the egg donor and/or surrogate. Circle works with local attorneys in the states where the surrogates reside in order to accomplish the legal work necessary to secure your parental rights. Depending on a variety of factors, your surrogacy legal work may include a pre-birth order, a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, a judgment of paternity, a custody orders, or an adoption.
 Testimonials from our UK parents

Testimonials from our UK parents

We knew we wanted to work with an agency that would hold our hand tightly and guide us through the whole process, we just didn’t know how much everyone would truly care about us and we soon discovered that we had found the best of the best! Every single email and phone call was filled with support, kindness, guidance and care. The right words were always spoken/written and we always felt that the level of professionalism, competence, experience and devotion would work in our favor. - J & C

The sense of being well-supported and advised at the highest level as one travels along this complex road, is a feeling emanating from every level of this extraordinary organization which you have created. Circle epitomizes professionalism, but always tempered with kindness and total sensitivity. You deserve to feel very proud of all that you have achieved in creating this amazing body of knowledge and expertise, and most of all bringing about so many wonderfully positive results for individual families such as ours. What a truly incredible thing to be able to say, that one has added very significantly to the total sum of human happiness in this world. For that, on all our behalves, so many thank you's. – Liz and Chris