With our Economy plan, the quality of our services is not altered. Surrogates and egg donors are screened and evaluated with the same high-standard for all of our programs. But if you are willing to work with an IVF clinic in a state where we typically recruit a lot of surrogates, you can save money on both the IVF clinic, local monitoring and travel for your surrogate. If you also choose a donor from the area, you’ll save on that travel and local monitoring. Finally, you can choose not to pay upfront for unlimited rematches. Our Economy program also has the option of our Circle Concierge service.

US Gestational Surrogacy with Egg Donation – Economy Program

Gestational Carrier Program Professional Fees $20,250.00
Gestational Carrier Program Legal, Screening, and Support $11,450.00
Egg Donor Program Professional Fees $7,500.00
Egg Donor Program Legal, Screening, and Support $2,900.00
Egg Donor Matching Costs $9,250.00
Carrier Matching Costs $37,500.00
Intended Parent Legal Rights $5,000.00