For an estimate including IVF, insurance, travel, and incidental expenses, download the PDF below.

Standard Costs

Gestational Carrier Related Professional Fees $22,000.00
Discount for signing up within 3 months of consultation -$2,000.00
First installment agency fee (nonrefundable upon execution of Agreement for Services) $13,000.00
Second installment agency fee (nonrefundable upon execution of Carrier Agreement) $8,500.00
Fee for unlimited rematches with gestational carriers $2,500.00
Gestational Carrier Compensation and Other Expenses $35,250.00
Carrier's maternity clothing allowance (paid at 3 months gestational) $500.00
Carrier's monthly allowance (in lieu of itemized costs) ($200/month est. for 12 months) $2,400.00
Carrier's post-birth bed rest (following a vaginal delivery) $1,200.00
Carrier's IVF transfer payments (for completion of each embryo transfer procedure) $750.00
Carrier's base fee (9 payments starting with heartbeat ultrasound) $30,000.00
Housekeeping stipend for last month of pregnancy ($100/week) $400.00
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Support Fees $3,500.00
Social Worker’s flat fee (support & advocacy for carriers) $3,500.00
Gestational Carrier Related Legal Fees, Expenses and Finalization of Parental Rights $13,450.00
Carrier's independent attorney's fees (includes unlimited rematches) $1,200.00
Intended Parent(s)'s attorney fees for Carrier Agreement (incl. unlimited rematches) $2,500.00
Office expenses $750.00
Fees for legal proceedings for one child, including fees for Circle legal supervision. $7,000.00
Trust Administration $2,000.00
Screening and Background Checks for Carriers and Intended Parents $1,900.00
Unlimited social worker screenings of Carrier and partner $1,000.00
Unlimited psychological testing for Carriers $600.00
Carrier criminal history inquiry fees $150.00
Intended parent criminal history inquiry fees $150.00
TOTAL excluding IVF, insurance, travel, and incidentals $76,100.00