The Gestational Surrogacy using Intended Parent Eggs program is designed for intended parents who have the ability to provide all of the needed biology to create embryos but require the assistance of a gestational surrogate. Circle staff assists you in the selection of an IVF center if you are not already established with a medical team. You are then matched with a gestational surrogate that meets your legal, psychological and emotional needs.

For an estimate including IVF, insurance, travel, and incidental expenses, download the PDF below.

Standard Costs

Carrier Matching Costs $43,850.00
Carrier reimbursements $30,000.00
Transfer payment (per transfer) $750.00
Maternity clothing (singleton pregnancy) $500.00
Estimated monthly expenses (e.g., mileage, childcare, prenatal vitamins, etc.) $3,000.00
Post birth recovery and final month housekeeping $1,600.00
Advance on contingencies in Carrier Agreement $3,500.00
Travel advance for Carrier transfer (e.g., airfare, hotel, rental, childcare, lost wages, per diem etc.) $2,500.00
Carrier’s local monitoring (likely needed) $2,000.00
Gestational Carrier Program Professional Fees $22,750.00
First installment agency fee $13,000.00
Second installment agency fee $8,500.00
Fee for unlimited Gestational Carrier rematches $2,500.00
Office expenses $750.00
Discount for signing up within three months of consultation -$2,000.00
Intended Parent Legal Rights $7,000.00
Estimated fees for legal proceedings $7,000.00
Gestational Carrier Program Legal, Screening, and Support $14,500.00
Unlimited social worker screenings of Carrier and partner (including standard personality testing) $2,000.00
Criminal history inquiry fees for carrier and intended parents $300.00
Licensed Clinical Social Worker’s fees for unlimited Carrier support $3,500.00
Trust administration $2,000.00
Intended Parents’ attorney’s fees for carrier agreement (includes agreements for rematches) $2,500.00
Carrier’s independent attorney’s fees (includes Carrier representation for rematches) $1,200.00
Coordination of local monitoring $500.00
Advance on travel for Carrier screening (e.g., airfare, hotel, rental, childcare, lost wages, per diem, etc.) $2,500.00
TOTAL excluding IVF, insurance, travel, and incidentals $88,100.00