Intended parents often have the need for both a gestational surrogate and an egg donor. In the Gestational Surrogacy with Egg Donation (GSED) program, Circle Surrogacy staff coordinates a surrogacy journey that allows you to work with the IVF clinic of your choice. If you are not already connected with an IVF clinic, Circle staff can make recommendations and provide you with personal introductions. Once established with an IVF clinic, Circle staff helps you to select an egg donor from our network of egg donor agencies and clinics. Once you have selected an egg donor, you are matched with a gestational surrogate that meets your legal, psychological and emotional needs.

For an estimate including IVF, insurance, travel, and incidental expenses, download the PDF below.

Standard Costs

Gestational Carrier Related Professional Fees $23,500.00
Discount for signing up within 3 months of consultation -$2,000.00
Fee for unlimited gestational carrier or egg donor rematches $4,000.00
First installment agency fee (nonrefundable upon execution of Agreement for Services) $13,000.00
Second installment agency fee (nonrefundable upon execution of Carrier Agreement) $8,500.00
Egg Donor Compensation, Agency & Legal Fees, Screening and Other Expenses $18,225.00
Egg Donor agency fee $6,500.00
Egg Donor’s payment $9,000.00
Unlimited psychological testing for Egg Donor $600.00
Egg Donor's independent attorney fees (includes unlimited rematches) $600.00
Unlimited social worker screening of Egg Donors $275.00
Intended Parent(s)’s attorney’s fees for Egg Donor Contract (includes unlimited rematches) $1,250.00
Gestational Carrier Related Legal Fees, Expenses and Finalization of Parental Rights $13,450.00
Carrier's independent attorney's fees (includes unlimited rematches) $1,200.00
Intended Parent(s)'s attorney fees for Carrier Agreement (incl. unlimited rematches) $2,500.00
Office expenses $750.00
Fees for legal proceedings for one child, including fees for Circle legal supervision. $7,000.00
Trust Administration $2,000.00
Screening and Background Checks for Carriers and Intended Parents $1,900.00
Unlimited social worker screenings of Carrier and partner $1,000.00
Unlimited psychological testing for Carriers $600.00
Carrier criminal history inquiry fees $150.00
Intended parent criminal history inquiry fees $150.00
Gestational Carrier Compensation and Other Expenses $35,250.00
Carrier's maternity clothing allowance (paid at 3 months gestational) $500.00
Carrier's base fee (9 payments starting with heartbeat ultrasound) $30,000.00
Carrier's monthly allowance (in lieu of itemized costs) ($200/month est. for 12 months) $2,400.00
Carrier's post-birth bed rest (following a vaginal delivery) $1,200.00
Carrier’s IVF transfer payments (for completion of each transfer procedure) $750.00
Housekeeping stipend for last month of pregnancy ($100/week) $400.00
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Support Fees $3,500.00
Social Worker’s flat fee (support & advocacy for carriers) $3,500.00
TOTAL excluding IVF, insurance, travel, and incidentals $95,825.00

Cost List

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