Egg Bank, Fast Match Program(International)

One of Circle’s lower cost options is the Frozen Egg Bank program. When you need donor eggs, whether or not you need a surrogate, the Frozen Egg Bank allows you to select from eggs that have already been frozen from fully screened egg donors and are ready to use in an IVF cycle.

The estimates below are those costs paid to or through Circle. For an estimate including IVF and insurance, download the PDF below.

Egg Bank, Fast Match Program

Gestational Carrier Related Professional Fees $20,750.00
Gestational Carrier Screening Costs $560.00
Gestational Carrier Compensation and Other Expenses $28,000.00
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker Support Fees $3,500.00
Gestational Carrier Related Legal Fees, Expenses and Finalization of Parental Rights $11,200.00
Egg Bank Related Expenses $13,250.00