Circle Guarantee, Standard Match(International)

The Circle Guarantee Program offers Intended Parents a level of security above the standard programs. If a pregnancy is not reached after 3 transfers and you do not wish to continue, the vast majority of your funds will be returned—in particular, those paid to Circle, to your fertility clinic, and those collected for reimbursement to the surrogate. Funds paid to third parties (donor fees, medications, lab work, etc.) cannot be refunded. Intended parents who choose this program will work exclusively with selected fertility IVF/clinics throughout the process. In addition, intended parents may need to agree to specific parameters within the program, such as: limiting their egg donor choices to a ‘super’ donor, agreeing to a double embryo transfer and completing a minimum number of full transfers.

The estimates below are those costs paid to or through Circle. For an estimate including IVF and insurance, download the PDF below.

Circle Guarantee, Standard Match

Gestational Carrier Related Professional Fees $31,950.00
Gestational Carrier Screening Costs $560.00
Gestational Carrier Compensation and Other Expenses $34,600.00
Egg Donor Compensation, Agency & Legal Fees, Screening and Other Expenses $16,500.00
Gestational Carrier Related Legal Fees, Expenses and Finalization of Parental Rights $13,950.00
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Support Fees $3,500.00