VIDEO: From IP to Circle Surrogacy Employee, Jen Rachman Shares Her Experience

In this video, you hear about Outreach Coordinator Jen Rachman’s journey from Circle intended parent to Circle employee! Jen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, cancer survivor, and mother through gestational surrogacy. She earned a Master of Social Work from New York University and has over a decade of clinical experience working with children, adolescents and […]

Baby’s First Holiday Season: Thoughts from Amazing Circle Surrogates

For this holiday season, we reached out to amazing women and mothers who have been surrogates with us at Circle. We asked them to share their best pointers for baby’s first holiday season. We also asked them to share their family traditions with us to inspire our wonderful intended parents. If you didn’t receive an […]

Surrogate Pregnancy: How to balance pregnancy and family

Pregnancy. You’re no stranger to the growing bump, the late-night kicking sessions, or the bizarre food cravings. Yet many women who become surrogates do so because they love all aspects of being pregnant. And becoming pregnant to help another family grow? There’s just nothing like it. It goes without saying that becoming pregnant while still raising […]

Accepting Our Children’s Differences: A sit-down with author Craig Pomranz

Childhood is a time fraught with uncertainty and insecurity. Growing up, almost everyone, at some point, has felt like the odd man out — or felt just plain different. While some children are fortunate enough to have adults in their life who celebrate their “differences” and encourage them to let their true colors shine, others […]