Mom and Dad Pose with Their Egg Donor for Pregnancy Photo Shoot

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Glamour Health recently published an article about a pregnancy photo shoot where the couple included their egg donor. While the photo shoot was a great headline, the meat of the article is a first-person narrative detailing the process of selecting an egg donor. The author of this piece, Shannon M. Clark, M.D., bravely shares her experience from the initial disappointment when she and her husband realized they couldn’t do this on their own through to the transfer process and the birth of their beautiful twins.

It wasn’t an easy decision but Shannon and her husband came around to egg donation. After mentioning that her husband took a business-minded approach by creating a spreadsheet of potential egg donors, she explained how she helped refocus their search. She writes, “I was nowhere near a perfect candidate based on my personal and family history, so I felt that our [egg] donor didn’t have to be perfect either. Simply put, if we were going to try and find an [egg] donor with some of my traits, we were going to have to be willing to accept a less-than-flawless profile. I was choosing to be realistic. No one is perfect—not any one egg donor and certainly not me.”

After selecting their egg donor, Shannon asked to meet with her. While Shannon mentions several times in the article that most egg donors and recipients never have any contact, the world of egg donation is evolving for practical reasons and for technological reasons. Our egg donation agency is one of the only organizations that encourages and fosters some type of relationship for both the intended parents and the egg donor.

Our relationship-based approach is for the benefit of the child. Every child is different. Some are inquisitive. Some find out their origin story and genuinely don’t want to know more. Having a connection with one’s egg donor makes it easier, and possible, to organize a meeting at some point in the future if the child requests to do so. Additionally, because of social media, it’s become harder to guarantee everyone’s anonymity.

The journey for Shannon and her husband wasn’t what she expected when they set out to start their family, she admits. But in closing, she writes, “I may not have been able to experience all of the typical things a pregnant woman experiences but what I do have are beautiful photos of my barely there belly bump with my husband and the woman who made my dream of becoming a mother a reality. I also have two beautiful babies who make every tear I ever cried worth it. For that, I will forever be thankful.”

egg donor with intended mother

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First Birthday Celebration!

baby born with circle surrogacy

We love sharing birth announcements with you. Every now and then, we are lucky enough to receive photos of other special moments—moments after the surrogacy journey is behind our intended parents.

The little bundle of joy pictured above recently celebrated his first birthday with his loving parents. Please join us in wishing him a very happy and healthy year ahead! We hear from his parents that he is curious and outgoing.

We are honored to share in these special moments.

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Learn more about becoming a parent with Circle Surrogacy here. We offer free consultations. We travel all over the world to meet with intended parents. You can see a full list of our upcoming events here. If we are not visiting your city soon, we also offer Skype consultations. Additionally, we offer regular consultation dates in Boston, New York, and London. To find out more, reach out to our Outreach Manager, Sarah Marino

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VIDEO – Origin Stories: Talking to Your Child About Being Born Via Surrogate

VIDEO – Origin Stories: Talking to Your Child About Being Born Via Surrogate

In this video, parent through surrogacy (and adoption) and Circle Surrogacy Outreach Coordinator Brett Griffin-Young discusses how he communicates with his children about their origin stories. Brett shares how he and his husband, Matt, have made their son Sebastian’s origin story present in his life. From a map of the United States with a marker for Colorado, the state he was born in, to a photo of Sebastian’s surrogate and egg donor in his bedroom, Brett and Matt have incorporated their son’s story into his everyday life.

Brett shares how he and his husband, Matt, have made their son Sebastian’s origin story present in his life. From a map of the United States with a marker for Colorado, the state he was born in, to a photo of Sebastian’s surrogate and egg donor in his bedroom, Brett and Matt have incorporated their son’s story into his everyday life.

Child born via surrogate

Brett with his daughter Georgiana and son Sebastian.

Origin Stories: Talking to Your Child about Being Born Via Surrogate is the first in a series of videos we’ve put together for our community. We feel it’s important to educate individuals about many facets of a surrogacy journey.

On one hand, it’s wonderful that we have a staff full of passionate and educated people working to help individuals and couples fulfill their dream of having a family. When you dedicate your career to such an emotional, multi-faceted focus, it’s easy to overload people with information. So, instead of coming up with a list of topics to film, we let our community decide. We based each video on search frequency.

Expect to see a few videos published each month exploring a myriad of topics. We even have segments featuring IVF doctors explaining the medical aspects of

Background on Brett-Griffin Young

Brett has been working with Intended Parents from around the world in more than 25 countries–helping them through their surrogacy journey. He travels to various locations around the world to talk about his experience with U.S. Surrogacy. He’s enthusiasm and passion for the field of surrogacy is evident every time he speaks on the subject. You may reach out to him directly at

Learn more about becoming a parent through surrogacy.

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Birth Announcement! Join Us in Welcoming Baby Zachary from Circle Surrogacy

baby photo from Circle Surrogacy

Join us in welcoming Baby Zachary! Zachary was born earlier this month weighing in at 7 lbs. and 7 oz. He and his father, John, are happy and healthy. John’s surrogate gave him a wonderful gift.

Circle Surrogacy couldn’t exist without the generosity of surrogates. Baby photos and birth announcements show us how miraculous surrogates are.

We also want to thank John for allowing us to share this collage with you. We are honored every time a parent or surrogate gives us permission to post photos of their journey. These special photos allow us to share in the beauty of the most precious moments of a surrogacy journey.


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a surrogate, click here.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is: “Where do I start if I want to be a surrogate?” Research (reading this blog) is a great place to start. Doing research helps you pick the right agency for you. Agencies vary considerably. Here are a few points to keep in mind when researching agencies:

Circle Surrogacy is the only agency that promotes the parent-surrogate relationship. We help to facilitate a strong connection between the surrogate and her intended parents. Research has shown that having a strong relationship is what’s best for the child.

Circle Surrogacy also provides the most comprehensive social support of any agency. We offer one-on-one time with a licensed social worker, monthly video chats covering a variety of topics related to journey details, and a private Facebook group. The private Facebook group is a forum where current surrogates get to know one another. It’s also a fantastic way to stay engaged in the community after your journey is over. Many former surrogates help current surrogates with support and advice. 

For birth announcements, updates, and surrogacy-related news, follow us on!

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Photos from Our Circle Surrogacy Oslo Reunion

Both Brett Griffin-Young (International Outreach Associate) and Dean Hutchison (Director of Legal Services) traveled to Oslo, Norway over the summer to meet with intended parents at the beginning of their journey. They also put together a reunion (with the help of Jenn Skarinka, our in-house event planner) to meet with families who have had their babies with Circle throughout the years.

Dean Hutchison brought back some excellent photos to share with you! (See below!!) And he has this to say about the experience:

“The reunion could not have been nicer. It was wonderful to see the parents and children meeting each other and enjoying the beautiful day. This was the final afternoon of my trip, which was spent meeting with intended parents who are considering the surrogacy process. It was nice to conclude the trip on the grill and playing on the swingset. We had a beautiful trek to Frognerseteren overlooking the Oslo fjord and city too. The relationships we have built with our Circle families make each trip better than the one before.”


oslo photo 3

oslo photo 2

Oslo Photo 1

Circle Surrogate Meets Bachelorette Couple Jojo and Jordan!


Over the weekend, Steph (a surrogate in our program) met Bachelorette stars, Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers. Several Circle employees are green with envy because we love talking about the show at lunch. I reached out to Steph with a few questions about her run-in with the reality stars on her way back from meeting with her intended parents. You won’t believe Steph’s Bachelorette connection to her IP match!

LM: Steph, what were you thinking when you first noticed Jojo and Jordan in the airport?
Steph: I was passing by and saw them sitting in their terminal waiting for their flight. My first thought was how much they both resembled JoJo and Jordan. Then I realized that’s who I was looking at!

LM: How did you ask them to take a photo with you?
Steph: I was hesitant to approach them because I’m sensitive to the fact that they are people and just want to do their thing. But my mom encouraged me. So I weaseled my way over to them and said something like, “Sorry to be a freak and stalk you guys, but I adore you both.” Then I asked for a picture with them. They happily agreed and I apologized for being dressed like a scrub on my way back from L.A. JoJo’s response was, “Well, look at us!” (Even though they both looked beautiful.)

LM: When you took the photo, did you know that our Circle Surrogacy office loves watching and talking about the Bachelor and Bachelorette?
Steph: I had no idea! What’s funny about this is I had referenced JoJo when trying to put into words why a match presented to me didn’t feel right. So I said, “Remember when a couple guys told JoJo they loved her and she couldn’t say it back because she knew it wasn’t right?” That’s exactly where I was. How funny that I would see her when en route from my trip with my perfect match. I hope this means we were meant to be!

LM: That’s amazing, Steph. We’re so in awe of our surrogates, especially ones who take photos with our favorite celebrities. 😉  What inspired you to become a surrogate?
Steph: All three of my pregnancies were such beautiful and miraculous experiences. It’s been a long-time dream of mine to step in and help a couple who has been struggling with completing their family. I feel like I have made life-long friends with my IPs and am so hopeful for a positive experience and successful journey!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about Steph’s experience as much as we did! If you are interested in learning more about becoming a surrogate, click here to learn more

VIDEO: “Gay Dads Share Their Path to Fatherhood”

A few weeks ago NBC put together a segment called “Gay Dads Path to Fatherhood” in honor of Father’s Day.

We posted it on the weekend of Father’s Day to our Facebook page. The video segment includes dads who grew their families through surrogacy as well as adoption. Telling the stories of real people helps others to understand, which is why we are so grateful that this segment was created.

Inside the community of people who have had their families with the generosity and help of a surrogate as well as the amazing women who become surrogates, surrogacy is easy to understand. However, helping others learn about the great impact surrogacy has on so many lives is still very important. Pieces like NBC’s segment put faces to the concept and help combat other articles that seek to sway public opinion without getting all the facts first.

More important than giving voices to the parents who build their family through alternatives like adoption and surrogacy, it helps the children We want all children to grow up in a society of understanding, acceptance, empathy and compassion. Education is the fuel behind all of those commendable virtues–without a doubt.

We hope you enjoy watching this video segment like we did. Please feel free to share this blog post and others like it with your community to help spread the word about the miracles surrogacy brings to the world.

If you are interested in becoming a parent through surrogacy and would like to learn more or set up a consultation, please visit us at

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate and would like to learn more or speak with someone from our Surrogate Outreach team, please visit us at circlesurrogacy/com/surrogates. To be connected to a coordinator by phone, call 617-439-9900.

Video: Surrogacy – Redefining the Modern Family

In the fall, I received a call from Elite Daily asking for contacts to create a documentary about surrogacy from the perspective of surrogates. I asked some questions about the project wanting to be protective and knowing that sometimes surrogacy is misrepresented and misunderstood by the media.

The producer, Amanda, had all the right answers. Over the next few months, I worked to connect her with surrogates who were willing to be on camera. Understandably, not every person wants to be interviewed for a large pop culture publication–Elite Daily has over 3 million Facebook fans alone.

From there the producer set up interviews. Eventually, she came to me asking to speak with a social worker. I put her in touch with Jen Rachman, who works with intended parents at the beginning of their journey. She is also a cancer survivor, parent through surrogacy, and an articulate advocate for surrogacy.

We counted down the days until the piece was released. When we first saw the video in the office, a lot happened. For one, we wanted to watch it over and over again because Jen, Jenna (Circle surrogate who was featured in this Elite Daily documentary), and Michael (Circle intended parent who welcomed twins Rocco and Camilla) did such a beautiful job sharing their journey.

I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we did. It explains many common misconceptions about surrogacy.

To learn more about becoming an intended parent through surrogacy, click here.
To learn more about becoming a surrogate, click here.

VIDEO: The Magic of Surrogacy with Baby Jake and Baby Dean

We spend so much time writing content and materials trying with all our mighty vocabulary to express the difference surrogacy makes in the world. We articulate the importance of surrogates’ generosity and intended parents’ faith. We share our complete and utter gratitude that we have the honor of being part of this process. But nothing explains the magic of surrogacy quite like surpassing the most important milestone: the birth.

Two intended parents shared this beautiful video of their twin baby boys. Jake and Dean were born recently meaning that everyone in the office is awing over how darn cute these newborns are.

Watching this video really is the best way to start your week because you’ll be filled with joy. Feel free to come back to this video later in the day when you’re frustrated and daunted that there are in fact four other workdays in this particular week we happen to be experiencing. You can’t be mad and watch this video. It’s just not possible.

Click here, and the password is stella.


Welcome to the World, Baby Priya




Having seen these photos, we were thrilled to find out that we were able to share them with you.

There’s nothing more magical than photos taken in the hours right after a baby is born. Baby Priya and her mom capture everything we work hard to do every day here at Circle.

Building families and helping individuals fulfill their dream of becoming a parent.

Priya’s surrogate is healthy and doing well. She has made this precious family possible and we are honored to be a part of their story.

To learn more about becoming a parent through surrogacy, download our free guide:

An Introduction to Surrogacy and Egg Donation: A guide for intended parents – 
Gestational surrogacy and egg donation help those who cannot have children on their own to become parents. It’s a process that requires medical and legal expertise. Find out how our agency handles each stage, supporting you each step of the way toward parenthood.