The Surrogate Application: What is the Surrogate Portal?

Let’s face it. Applying to become a surrogate requires submitting a lot of information. There are questionnaires to complete, covering your health history; matching preferences and personal background; insurance intake forms; photos; and medical records. While there are a lot of things we ask potential surrogates when they apply, the answers to these questions help us make matches with intended parents who we think will be a good fit. All of this helps Circle maintain its unique relationship-focused surrogacy agency model.

The good news is we’re making things easier. Based on feedback from experienced surrogates, we’ve created Circle’s new Surrogate Portal. The Portal is a website where surrogate applicants can log in with a password and complete application forms online and at their own pace. So there’s no more need for printing forms, filling out PDFs, scanning, or faxing.

Prospective surrogates who complete our online surrogacy application now have automatic access to our portal. In addition to the ability to submit information with ease, the portal also includes:

– Access to informational guides and resources about the surrogacy process.

– Support to help you complete the forms

– A tracker to view your process and see status updates

– Once you’ve been accepted into the program, you’ll receive access to our private Facebook group for current and former surrogates. In the private group, women provide support to one another.

Apply to become a surrogate mother today and take advantage of our new, streamline Surrogate Portal application process. And be sure to let us know what you think!