Health Ministry Advocates Propose Bill Allowing Surrogacy for LGBT Intended Parents

why did you choose surrogacyThis Sunday, The Health Ministry of Israel plans on proposing a bill that would allow same-sex couples and individuals to pursue surrogacy. The bill was proposed during a Committee meeting, which was held to discuss Israeli couples who hired surrogates in Thailand and are unable to return home.

Currently, Thai law recognizes these babies as Thai citizens. Removing these children from the country could be considered kidnapping. “Despite the complex political situation in Thailand, we reached an agreement in which the mother can come to the Israeli embassy with a signed letter saying she is giving up the baby. Any couple who can do that will get a passport immediately,” said Nissim Ben Sheetrit, Foreign Ministry Director- General. However, he added, the agreement with Thailand is only until November, after which surrogacy will no longer be legal there.

[Via Jerusalem Post]