5 Tips for Completing the Surrogate Welcome Packet

surrogate welcome packet
Becoming a surrogate is a unique and rewarding experience in which you have the opportunity to give the gift of life and fulfill parent’s dream to build a family. Before acceptance into our program, our surrogates undergo multiple thorough screening processes to ensure that they are eligible to work with us. The first stage requires surrogates to complete a detailed pre-screening application, which provides Circle with enough information to determine the next steps for a potential surrogacy candidate.

Once you’ve passed initial pre-screening portion of the application, we will email you our surrogate Welcome Packet. This document will include the Matching Questionnaire, the Medical Records Information Sheet, a medical records release form, the Commitment to Match agreement, background check information and authorization forms, a health insurance intake form, the SPAR Interest Questionnaire, and provide you with information on compensation for surrogates.  The information you provide in this packet will provide the necessary information for Circle to determine the next steps in your process. The responses you give on the Matching Questionnaire will eventually act as your profile to match with IPs if you are approved to become a surrogate.

You’ve received the Welcome Packet. Now what? Here are some tips!

  1. Read through the whole packet at least once. Understanding what a surrogacy journey entails is very important and will help you when completing the Matching Questionnaire. The questions on this form will ask you to think about your expectations for your surrogacy and the nature of the relationship you hope to have with your IPs.
  2. Answer every question. The questionnaire is one of the early steps involved in the screening process, and it needs to be completely filled out in order for you to move forward. Each answer is asked for a reason and needs to be answered truthfully and thoroughly.
  3. Give details in your longer responses and show a thoughtful dedication to the surrogacy journey. For questions such as, “Why are you interested in surrogacy?” think about how this will help build a family, but also think about what you will gain from the experience. For example, discuss your own experience as a mother and any personal experiences you’ve had with anyone who has been a surrogate or used a surrogacy agency to build his/her family. Take a look at some of the testimonials from previous surrogates about their own experiences.
  4. Think carefully about the questions in the “Journey Expectations” section of the application before you respond. Circle Surrogacy is an internationally acclaimed agency that works with single IPs and couples from across the globe who are looking to grow their families. Remember to be open-minded when reading these questions, as you may not have been aware of the options you have in choosing your surrogacy route before receiving the Welcome Packet.
  5. Use your support system. The Welcome Packet also consists of forms that need to be signed including the Commitment to Match form, the Medical Records Release Form and the Background Check Information form. Have those in your support system review this packet as well so that they’ll better understand your surrogacy journey and all that it entails.


Download our free guide below for more information on the surrogacy process for surrogates.

applying to become a surrogate


Email Ruby Phillips if you have any questions about filling out the Welcome Packet. 

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